Entry 134: The Clocktower: The Perfect Reality?

I awoke to the most amazing smell

A home cooked meal from my beautiful wife

Her smile, so sweet

Wake up handsome

I’ve made us some food

You know, that thing your stomach always craves

She turned to put food on the plates

Sara is so gorgeous

I’ve got to be the lucki-


I am awake Sara!

Huh? I’m sorry love, did you say something?

That gorgeous smile…how did I ge-


That’s Sara’s voice again…but…

Here you go!

She kisses me as she hands me theΒ plate

I’m immediately taken to blissful memories

Was I thinking something?

Why the blank stare? Are you going to try what I prepared?

Of course! I was just lost in thought

She smiles at me, her smile is so perfect


Huh? There it was again.

It’s definitely Sara’s voice but…

I’m looking at her right now and she is just smiling.

Are you feeling okay? Were you not hungry? Did I do something wrong?

No, I wi-


The shock of her voice makes me drop my fork

I go to reach down but Sara is already there

She bends over to pick up the fork

Wow, she really is perfect!

Her body, every part of her…now that I think about it

Why haven’t I noticed this before?

I’ll go wash this, you sure you are feeling okay?

I think I just need to go for a walk and do some thinking…

Is that okay?


She says this quite happily…I’m beginning to think something is off

I’m hit with a memory…or something

I’m with Sara, we are somehow meeting for the first time

This doesn’t seem right…why are we carrying scythes?

You know, it’s easier to eat if you don’t lose your food silly

I mean, if I was your wife I’d be pretty pissed if I made something for you

Then you just wasted it…I’m Sara by the way!


I step out for a walk, I look around, everything seems fine

It all feels real

In a flash I see a place…a black Clocktower?

I’m chasing after Sara…I’m too late!

Just as quickly as the flash, I’m back again

Hello there handsome!

WHOA! You trying to give me a heart attack?!

She grabs my arm and smiles

It’s a perfect smile…but for some reason, I feel something off

Like it is a facade?

Now that I think about it…am I dreaming?

Think Ren…what was the last thing you remember before this?

Sara, you, the field of flowers…

No, it can’t be a dream

I remember proposing to Sara

I remember our wedding

I have so many memories!


That voice…it doesn’t seem like a lie…but how?

Hey, is it alright if I lay down for a bit…alone?

I might be coming down with something

I wouldn’t want you to get sick

She seemed to study me for a sec

Of course, that’s so sweet of you my love!

I knew I picked the right guy the day I met you!


Um, where did we first meet?

I suppose you wouldn’t remember

It was on a snowy day, at the park

Everything was perfect!

You asked me if I had met the guy of my dreams

It was a cheesy pickup line I’ll admit

It worked though

I went along with it and said

Must be the handsome guy in front of me

We introduced ourselves, it was beautiful

Love at first sight!

Sadly, the car wreck happened

It’s where you got those scars

We almost broke up

It took months before you accepted you knew me again

We rekindled things over the years

In some ways it was beautiful you know?

I had a 2nd chance to fall in love all over again!

I was lost in her words

It sounded beautiful, her words felt real

Maybe she was right…

Maybe I really just…wasn’t feeling well?

Sara kissed me spontaneously!

I felt my breath taken away

She was so perfect!

Am I forgetting something?

-The Clocktower: The Perfect Reality?-

10 thoughts on “Entry 134: The Clocktower: The Perfect Reality?

    • Haha! Yeah, it is. ^_^

      I think it says a lot about fantasy vs. reality. Obviously this is The Clocktower toying with Ren again but, you know that feeling when something is off in your own life and yet you want it to be as perfect as can be, so you live the lie anyways?

      Yeah, it’s kind of like that I think. I’m sure some part of Ren must know this isn’t reality as he knows it, but…I’m also sure some part of him really wants this to be just that. I can’t blame him after everything he has gone through.

      I have a feeling, his come down from the high of this reality could be very shattering to his psyche but I honestly don’t know for sure. I don’t even know if he will get out of this fantasy he is stuck in.

      Half the fun of writing is letting the story take you where it wants. It’s also half the terror of it quite often. Xp

      I’ve rambled enough.

      Thank you so kindly for continuing to read and for your thoughts! ^_^

      I truly appreciate it! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • you never ramble….I like reading your words (posts and comments alike). Yes, I know about creating a “perfect” reality in my own life when things are somehow “off”. It feels identical to those unbelievably beautiful dreams (lucid, i think) that you try valiantly to fall back to sleep just to get back to. that’s what this part of the story reminds me of…..delicious dreams that feel so peaceful, yet as you wake….that feeling disappears and you find yourself either trying to remember or remembering and slightly obsessing….

        your writing touches me. hope you get a change to read my short story (sinister easter….) sometime when you have about 10 minutes or so to spare…. would love your thoughts…i’d be honored to have YOUR opinion in particular…on the technical stuff as well as your reactions… hugs… πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The best horror stories have surprises and shocks, but what they REALLY do is make the reader uncomfortable. They make the reader feel that way, but not to a degree that they step away. The trick is to make them thing the next line will remove the discomfort. You do this well. This was a pause. I’ve been reading this a while now, and I’m still reading because, though discomforted, I want to know what happens next. This, I think, is the essence of horror.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely agree! There is an interesting balance to horror and writing in general. With horror however, you really have to know how to thread that line. Well, if you want people to keep reading. At the very least if you are going to throw something really messed up in there, wording helps to keep them reading far longer than they ever thought they could.

      I love the idea of someone reading something darker than they thought they could. You know, I know this is a pretty dark blog but it is also meant to be an escape.

      At any rate, lest I ramble more, I did want to say thank you. I appreciate that you continue to read my work and I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      Cheers! ^_^

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