Entry 133: The Clocktower: Pleasant Room

I climbed for what felt an eternity

Every hour that passed a shift happened

Which led to more stairs

More climbing

Just when I felt it was becoming mind numbing

I reached the top and as I went up into a room

I was blinded by sunshine

Lost in disbelief

I was in a field of daisies

Looking down there was only soil and more ground

There were no stairs

Was I in the Clocktower anymore?

Looking across the field I saw a tree

Standing under it was the most beautiful woman!

Turning around she smiled at me

All at once my heart skipped a beat!


Could it be true?

She had no scars

Where once there had been torment and pain

Their rested now…

Only happiness

I walked over to her, in shock

Had I escaped the Clocktower?

No, this must be a trick

Sara looked so beautiful in her white dress

I must admit, though I thought it a trick

I was at a loss for words…

I was smitten

All at once tears streamed from my eyes

Tears of happiness I hadn’t felt in a lifetime

She approached me, the most peaceful smile on her face

Sara hugged me, I was lost in her warmth and embrace

Hey there Ren…I missed you handsome

Come sit with me please

I walked with her, soon sitting under the tree

She leaned against me

This is peaceful, isn’t it Ren?

I’m always happiest, sitting here under this tree…

…With you…

You’ve always brought me peace


Say something silly!

I was lost in the moment

I had no words

In her warm embrace…I knew peace

This was perfect

I felt like I was forgetting something

Everything felt right

I smiled, looked into those beautiful blue eyes

You are the world to me

She smiled, then we both leaned in

With one kiss passion flowed through my veins

As we locked lips, I tasted sweet eternity

Sara smiled, we kissed some more

I no longer felt I was forgetting anything

Passion flowed, souls intertwined

We made love, underneath that tree

Sara’s soft body was pure ecstasy

The way she embraced me

The taste on her lips

Sweet passion, I felt between those gorgeous legs

Yes, this was perfect, as is she

My love, my one and only

I gazed into her eyes

She stared into mine

Every beautiful thrust made us transcend life

Her warm touch, sweet release

In her eyes was my eternity of peace

We lay there, naked for a while

I took in the sight of that beautiful body

We kissed, we made love again

There are no words for this woman

So I suppose…love will have to suffice

As we finished again, laying in one another’s arms

We just enjoyed that moment for what seemed eternity

She smiled at me again and soon got dressed

A teasing wink, a mischievous grin she spoke to me

I love you Ren

I love you too Sara

Those 3 words…I love you…they meant the world to me

We soon sat there, finally fully clothed

Together we watched the sun set

Then she took me to our home

We made dinner and we laughed

Talking away about a life time of memories

The day we first met

My confession, that I liked her

Moments of happiness

The time we almost broke up

The happiness in our reunion

Our wedding and our marriage vows

She and I had a life time of memories

Though, we were still young

We spoke of the first time we made love

I knew we had a life time more

To create new memories

I loved this woman, down to my very soul

I was so lucky, to be with this sweet

Perfect angel…

She made me complete

The night was getting late

We eventually went to bed

I fell asleep quickly, holding Sara in my arms

This moment was perfect

There was no better way to spend the rest of the days of my life

As long as I had Sara

Nothing in the world could ever make me unhappy again…

-The Clocktower: Pleasant Room-


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