Entry 128: The Clocktower: It Always Wins

I watched Ren run

I pondered if he would make it

This sick monstrosity of a Clocktower

It had a way of breaking you

I remember the night

So long ago

The sick destructive visage of what befell me then

I lost everything

My wife died, in a car crash with my kids

I was dying…a fate I somewhat welcomed

That was until someone came to me

He talked really smooth

Speaking of a Clocktower

A potential escape

He spoke of the possibility to change my families fate

So I did it, I went in

This devilish looking one in black smiling as I did

I went inside, unaware of the terrors within the place

Torment & Suffering were daily for me

Eventually though, I reached the end

My family were brought back from the dead

They were sent back, living happily

The reality they were sent back to was sweet

I had passed away but they had found happiness

The thing I hadn’t expected though…

In trade for this happy 2nd chance at life

I would sit upon a throne, suffering eternally

The only way I would get reprieve…

If a new King came and replaced me

So here I sit, having agreed to the trade

My family happy, myself suffering

Hoping this Ren will reach me

Thinking it is likely he will be like the rest

Die and writhe in eternal torture long before reaching me

I am in constant pain

This place feeds on that…and others suffering

It twists your emotions, learns what will break you

At this point it uses it against you

Every secret, ever lie, all your fears, your desires

The Clocktower smiles, it feeds on this

It is a living, breathing monstrosity

In the end…it always wins

I wish it were dead

That there were a way to end it

I’ve tried to trick it

I’ve tried to find a way to end it

Nothing but more madness and suffering

That is what I got in return

The Clocktower always wins…

If Ren were to get here…

If he were to take my place

I’d be set free

Only through death…still

It would be a reprieve

The Clocktower would still win…

It would have a new King

A new fuel source to inflict suffering

There is only madness

There is never any end

The Clocktower always wins…

-The Clocktower: It Always Wins-


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