Entry 125: The Clocktower: Setup To Suffering

I awoke, surprised I wasn’t dead

Only to see a nightmarish reality

That made me wish I was instead…

The Aguryu was nowhere to be found

I was scarred, but felt I might live

Yet there she lay…



Please, say this isn’t true!

You can’t be dead…


I remember my heart breaking

The tears running down my face

What happened next…

No one could’ve expected

A smile grew on Sara’s slit face

I dropped her body, backed away

I knew this was not Sara…

…It couldn’t be…

The body stood

A deranged look on its face

The next words it spoke

Brought me to my knees


Hello Ren, do I look good?

It was truly fun, watching my suffering…

Too bad for you, it was too late to save me

I feel great/AHHH! THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Oops…don’t mind her…she’s as good as dead

Just another cog in the Clocktower’s suffering machine


I’m sorry Sara…I failed you in your time of need…

I promise you this…


Aww, that’s cute Ren…listen

From the walls I heard the most tortured screams

I had no doubt, it was Sara who was suffering!

PLEASE JUST END IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stood up, looked this husk of hers in the eyes

It just smiled, dementedly

I drew my scythe, ready to fight…

Nope…slow your roll there Ren…

That isn’t how we are going to do this

If you had a chance to get her back

What would you give to do that?

I was caught off guard by this question

I considered things but as I did…

The twisted place, echoed her screams of suffering

I knew the question was a trap

Like a loaded gun, it forced me to react

It was as though the place knew me better than I knew myself

Every interaction, every word

Meticulously crafted for its end game…

This was the madness The Clocktower brings

It reads your soul, knows everthing

Then turns it against you for its own twisted games!


Then again…

You already know that…

The smile grew to an unnatural degree

Alright then…

It’s time we play a game

I like to call this one

Gun To Brain…END GAME!

Prepare yourself for something you won’t soon forget…

That is…unless it’s your brains splattered in the end…

A black throne appeared

Arms dragged me into its seat

Black chains soon secured me to my seat

The most twisted game I’d ever play…

…Was beginning…


(The Kid)

Pointing my finger I made my choice…

Sara…any reason?

I don’t know the other soul…

Up to this point…she is the only one I know might try and stop me…


A black chip fell…I felt my soul being ground to bits…

What had I done for vengeance?

I watched as Sara fought

I heard every word of her suffering

When her suicide came…I felt everything…

The Clocktower reset and Grace was gone

I was now in a room with this unknown man

His hair red…the one I hadn’t picked

A red chair was something in which I now sat

Red chains strapping me in

I was face to face with the man I hadn’t picked

-The Clocktower: Setup To Suffering-




4 thoughts on “Entry 125: The Clocktower: Setup To Suffering

    • Thank you kindly! It is a pretty crazy write so far. I’m almost through moving so things will likely just get crazier. Xp Thank you so kindly for continuing to read! πŸ™‚

      Monday, I have a feeling things are going to get real tense. This Entry was a setup/catchup Entry of sorts. I’m hoping I can convey what I wish to convey come Monday. It is pretty integral to everthing.

      Then again, I’m not even sure how that one will end.

      Liked by 1 person

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