Entry 119: On The Eve It Comes

*Distant bell tolls*


Listen now kid…you hear that?

If it’s vengeance you seek

Look for the Clocktower and its king!

I heard the words of the Devil In Black

Knowing there was no chance of ever going back

So it was I asked…

What is it I need to do?

A wicked smile came across this Devil’s face

The kind that would make others rethink the choices they are making

I knew though, there was no going back

Likely, Hell is what waited for me after this

First, you need to get inside the Clocktower kid

It just so happens that is something I can do for you

You should be warned though sir…

Once in, there is no coming back

Is this still the destiny of your choosing kid?

I watched the Devil oh so close

His eyes showed he hid something

Still, I did not care

I’d made my choice back when I killed myself

I knew, vengeance was my only drive…

Hell could wait a little longer yet

Yes, I told the Devil as he exhaled smoke from his cigarette

Well then, wait a little longer yet

I’ll get you in kid


The warning signs were there

Everyone was screaming

The bells foretold it’s forthcoming

The Clocktower comes

Ren! Snap out of it!


You’ve been all zoned out

Didn’t you hear?

There’s a soul on the loose!

Refocusing it all made sense

The vision, Sara’s rush

Retaliation hit me like a flood!

If that’s the case, I need to hurry up!

I shot up and ran away

I had to find Sara…before it was too late…


The bell tolled…I couldn’t find the kid anywhere

I suppose in a way it should have been a sign of things

There was no way I could let this kid escape!

I had to find him before it was too late…

The Heart Collector, poor kid

No wonder he made the decisions he made

I couldn’t let him get away though

Something far worse was coming

The bell tolling it was an all to obvious sign

The Clocktower was coming

I couldn’t let that soul run free

Not at all, but especially not with the Clocktower coming!

I’ve lost all trace of him though…

I can only hope to find him soon

For on the horizon the Clocktower looms

-On The Eve It Comes-


10 thoughts on “Entry 119: On The Eve It Comes

    • Mia, you know there is more coming. In fact, tomorrow is October and thus the real story can begin. I assure you, there is MUCH more to the story. This post is part of a few that have been like preludes to what officially begins tomorrow.

      I’m excited and scared to be honest! If I can tell this story, half as well as it is being told to me, well…I won’t even go there for now. Just know, you will be getting plenty more very soon!

      The only exception will be when we disconnect Internet and move next week, at which point there will be a delay but I assure you when I return I’ll continue it and I’ve already planned for that. This was a shorter entry to be sure, and not a ton happens, I’m aware. It is kind of meant to put the souls into proper place so to speak and a way for me to experiment with how the hell I’m supposed to tell the story going through my mind!

      Formatting and telling will be tricky, but I have a feeling it will work out. Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughts. I always look forward to hearing from you my friend.

      Cheers! ^_^

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