Entry 118: I Deal In Souls

You call upon my name

You want something

You must know these things come at a price

Still here we are in the dark of the night

Promisese made, souls soon to be claimed

I’m pretty sure I’m having a good time

So go ahead, what will it be?

Do you need to win that election?

Perhaps you want the looks to attract that certain someone?

Whatever you need, just call upon me

I’ll help you out

There is no doubt

For a time

You’ll live like a God


When the time on that contract is up

You are nothing more than a burned out husk

Some drugged up musician, or celebrity

I’ll be there right in your ear

Whispering your death is near

It is time to collect payment

No escape, no place to hide

Go ahead and cry, it will do nothing

Like a fresh piece of meat

My hounds will feed

They’ll drag your soul to eternity

Should’ve read the the fine print I guess

Perhaps suffered through life instead

Or I don’t know…attained your dreams through hard work?

Ah well, hope you enjoy your eternal hell

Onto the next soul who needs something so desperately…

What would you do for the one thing you want most?

If your feeling desperate enough

Just summon me up

I’m sure we can work out something

Instance gratification for you

An eternity of fun for me


So…what is it you want most?

-I Deal In Souls-

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