Entry 112: Zack & Jack #1: Recess Fun

I see him some nights

He hides in shadows

For he is shadows

I call him Jack

He claims to be my friend

I believe him

I was at school the other day

I’m in first grade

Recess is my favorite time of day

Mostly because

There is a girl I like

Her name is Tara

She is always so sweet

We play together at recess

Then there is a bully

His name is Max and he is really mean

I told Jack about Max and he promised me he’d help

Tara came up to me wanting to play

Max said I’d best stay away

Tara said Max you don’t own me

Max shoved Tara to the ground

I got angry

It’s a rule, no fighting in school

Jack says it’s not breaking the rules if he does it for me

I watched Max’s shadow change

Shortly after that there was a lot of warm red stuff all over me

I think I saw something covered in red ripped from Max’s chest

There was lot’s of screams and the other kids ran

Tara didn’t though

She said Zack, I like your friend

That was sweet of you to call him to help

I don’t think we will have to worry about Max again

I remember getting a funny feeling when she kissed me on the cheek

The other kids were still running and screaming and the teachers grabbed us

Recess is the best

I went inside and Tara sat next to me smiling when a thought entered my mind

Jack, you don’t think I’ll get cooties do you?

-Zack & Jack #1: Recess Fun-



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