Entry 111: The Clocktower

Do you hear that sound?

It sounds like a chime

Soon followed by a scream

Ending in the toll of The Death Bell

The Clocktower appears once a year

It remains for 31 days

In Black Winter October is the month

At precisely midnight is when you first hear

The sounds of the Clocktower as it first appears

Once heard it is guaranteed it will begin its work

For every hour that goes by it will scream

And every hour someone in Black Winter will be dead

Their soul will be absorbed by the tower itself

An eternity of torment & suffering their fate

Fueling the madness The Clocktower brings

This isn’t all the Clocktower brings though

No, it is said it draws souls from other worlds

Acting as a gateway it hurls them into

Black Winter where they wait

Perhaps eternally…

You may say to yourself that souls wind up in Black Winter

All the time…

So what’s so special about this?

Well it is said though it brings souls here

It also brings potential escape

If you are willing to take a chance

Go to the Clocktower and gamble your fate

If you manage to get inside

You will have till the end of the month

To escape…

The catch is if you fail

You will suffer an unimaginably tortured fate

One with which there will be no escape

You see, though you will have the month to escape

Every hour, the inner workings of the Clocktower change

A product of the souls it takes

None have yet reached the top

Cries of suffering being all they’ve accomplished

There stands a shadow sometimes seen

Standing on a beam hanging just off the Clocktowers top

It is unknown it’s purpose

Or why it gazes down below

It just comes out and stares on occassion

Until finally once more it returns

Into the black walls of the Clocktowers halls

Do you dare chance fate?

If so, the Clocktower awaits once a year

Perhaps giving you your chance at freedom…

-The ClockTower-











12 thoughts on “Entry 111: The Clocktower

    • Haha! Thanks for that. I needed it. Insomnia and lack of cheer (from me anyways) in today’s Entry have me in an odd way. Probably that whole midweek thing.

      Thank you for your humorous view and for taking the time to read. I truly appreciate it.

      Cheers! ^_^

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  1. No! I will not enter the clocktower. Count me out. Seriously, though, this creeped me out. I can see this being a great Halloween story.

    A little village somewhere in the middle of nowhere has a clocktower, but not just any clocktower…*runs away in fear before peeing myself*

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    • Haha! ^_^ Yeah, well, when October properly arrives I will be elaborating some more on this Clocktower. More specifically the shadowy being that occasionally lurks towards the top.

      I will also elaborate on how it isn’t just the screams that tell souls no one made it to the top…yet. There will no doubt be a soul or two that does try to make it to the top. October is going to be busy partially because of my move so I’m not sure how long we will be without Internet and partially because of what I have planned in October for this blog.

      Thank you for reading and glad to be able to creep you out!

      Cheers! ^_^


  2. The idea that there is place worse than Black Winter is frightening in itself. However, I do often view Black Winter as a somewhat jovial place for certain souls. Everyone has a place where they should belong after all.

    I like the idea that it shows up every October and allows people to attempt to make their way through. I also like that it changes as per the occupant.

    Again, Black Winter continues to grow and amaze me.

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    • Why thank you Corey! I’m glad that you are continuously intrigued and curious about Black Winter. I am going to be elaborating on some things come October proper in terms of both The Clocktower and it’s occupant.

      There will also be some mention of a soul or more who try to take a crack at possibly escaping Black Winter. I know I write about the harsh place that Black Winter can be but you are right. There is a place for everyone and for some it is more jovial than others.

      I’ve debated and likely will at some point explore (every now and then) a soul in Black Winter who isn’t being slaughtered or a victim. As you say and know, Black Winter is different to everyone. There are themes that many experience and bad things aplenty, however there is a lighter side depending on which soul resides there.

      I just haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to approach that, but I will eventually explore (more elaborately) souls who do live and make a living in Black Winter, that aren’t necessarily fresh meat. Xp

      I’ve hinted at a few, but I’ve not fully explored them. Blue is a soul I want to elaborate on sometime. Her story is quite interesting, and she lives in Black Winter just fine.

      I’m waiting to tell her story in more detail though. October is coming and I’M AMPED! Got big plans for Black Winter and am super excited!

      Side note: I’ve realized I often don’t care for Entry’s that set up something in the future…not sure why…it’s a pattern in one’s I don’t love.


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      • I’m trying to catch up on comments, so I’m not going to write a novel here. With that being said, I’m also amped to see what you do in October! Black Winter is one of my favorite daily reads in the blogoverse. I know you write outside of Black Winter too, but hey, I’m allowed to have favorites πŸ˜€

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