Entry 110: The Perfect Host

What’s that feeling while you sleep?

An itch, a crawl, maybe it’s nothing at all?

A buzzing began not too long ago

Something that started out slight

A low hum

Ignoring it, you went to the mirror

Dawned on your mask

Did that makeup

Stared at your own 19 year old ass

My what a remarkable beauty you are

Men call you baby

Your real name is Katie

They fall over themselves for you

I would too were I anything like them

I suppose in a way, we are quite the same

You got an A in anatomy

I got one in manipulation and psychology

I love to watch someone so innocent and sweet

Fall to the wiles of my corruption

You could have never have known when you saw me that day

Just what my real intentions really were

I remember you, dressed all cute, covering almost everything

You couldn’t hide that ass, though you tried

Your eyes a deep blue, mine an emerald green

I knew the moment our eyes met, you would be my next

So I came up to you, fiery red hair glowing

You were entranced, when you asked me helplessly

Can we be friends?

I of course said yes, knew you would be the perfect soul

A good girl, that would soon change

I spent the rest of your first year of college making that change happen

We became real friends, I built up your confidence

Summer came, you asked me to stay around town

I told you, I hadn’t planned to leave

I would however be out of touch

You could call me if you needed to talk

Abscense makes the heart grow fonder after all

Summer came and went

You called me every night

Some nights I’d answer

Others I would let the phone ring endlessly

You left the sweetest messages

I listened to them all

Your voice let me know it was time to make my move

So first day of Fall semester I did just that

Freshly back for another year of college

I came up to you

I took you by the back of that lovely dark hair

Curly locks in hand, I drug you into the women’s bathroom

Two women, friends, becoming something more quite quickly

You said you didn’t know what was happening but I knew you liked it

I was your first and last kiss, though you don’t know that quite yet

You missed your first class, I was finally able to tap that fine ass

The things we did in that bathroom that day

It would make the most sexually explicit soul




You have been scratching your skin while you sleep

It’s subtle and something you haven’t noticed until tonight

You’ve awoken, something is crawling under your skin

You go to that mirror and strip down to nothing

Surely this must be a dream

Something seems to be crawling underneath that flawless skin

I can see it through your eyes, as you are about to find out

It is going to be quite the surprise

Staring closely you look in the mirror and find

There are tiny things crawling in your eyes!

No worries, they will be out soon

Death will be coming for you

Thank you my sweet Katie

It was over the moment we locked lips

One kiss, a million of my eggs

Poor thing, you fell in love with me

You told me about our future plans

You said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me

That buzzing in your head is quickly becoming a migraine

You can feel the eggs hatching, maggots are falling out of your nose

You are crying in misery

Vomiting up insects

Falling to the floor

You die as more of my eggs hatch and things now feast on your dead body

Now that you are nothing more than a meal

You should know

I always knew…

You’d be the perfect host

-The Perfect Host-

9 thoughts on “Entry 110: The Perfect Host

  1. This bothers me (in a good way). The tv show, Monsters Inside Me, freaks me out to the point of paranoia. The idea that bugs, or other living things, could be incubating inside of me is a legit fear of mine. Irrational, yes, but anytime my eye twitches I say, “I wonder if my eye is full of parasitic worms.”

    This piece you wrote has the same effect. “You can feel the eggs hatching, maggots are falling out of your nose,” and “Vomiting up insects,” are two absolutely cringe-worthy lines. Some people are afraid of spiders (and you touched on that a bit ago) – but for me – screw spiders. I can squash them, so no worries. I’m a 100 times bigger than a spider. But things that live inside of you and feed off of you…there’s no way to squash that. Either drink some Drano or wait till they are big enough to burst through your skin.

    Great work. I think of you as a brain surgeon poking and prodding our brains to find weaknesses. You’ve found one in me today.

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    • I love that series! Xp I try my best to bring out the worst, in terms of fear anyways. I had a nightmare once or twice where I had some kind of sickness and I wound up vomiting out maggots and fun stuff like that. It was very vivid. I am not actually consciously afraid of such things, however nightmares like that do leave an impression.

      I’m fascinated in a morbid way by parasites that do things like plant eggs in hosts or take over their mind and control them. I’m glad I could scratch the itch of fear that resides within you Corey.

      I’m not always impressed with my own works, although I was quite happy with this one. You know what they say though, “You are your own worst critic.”

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to read my friend.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • I consistently have dreams of my mouth filling with blood and spitting my teeth out. I read that it means I feel a lack of control and I am also beginning to be concerned about my own physical well being (you need to teeth to eat and stay healthy).

        Kind of a random little share, but hey, I just woke up…

        Keep up the amazing work and don’t stress about loving everything you write. I find I derive the most joy from other people when it comes to writing. Sometimes the things I liked writing the least seem to resonate the most with other people. Every now and then, people love the things I loved writing though, and that’s a great feeling. For what it’s worth, I’m always pleased to read your content.

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      • Yeah teeth falling out would suck and I’ve read about that dream wise. I don’t worry too much about it.

        The Clocktower seems to have resonated with many others so that is what matters I suppose. I’ve found you are right, many times if I may not be the biggest fan of something I post, a lot of other people will love it. Strange how that works. I appreciate that you enjoy reading the content in this blog.

        For what it’s worth I’ve enjoyed greatly talking to everyone else who reads my blog and I appreciate everyone of you. Also, I really enjoyed today’s Entry. Xp

        Cheers! ^_^

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    • I’ve found the idea of parasites as intriguing. The fact they exist and how they affect different organisms has always been an odd thing I’ve been interested in.

      I agree, it is disturbing to think of what they could do to you. I am glad you find this story disturbing! That is a huge compliment to me. Scary is cool, but disturbing is a whole other level of fear.

      Thank you again for reading and for comment. I hope you have a pleasant evening…and don’t let those bugs get you.

      Cheers! 😉

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