Entry 109: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road

There is a road that never ends

It is a place of many hauntings

It is said you can find any manner of things

Demons, Angels, long dead kings

Depending who you are and depending what you seek

This road will give you many things

It is a road that never ends

A road that echoes past sufferings

There is only 1 who has ever come back from this place

Her soul was forever changed

She spins tales of its existence

She can take you to its entrance

A word of warning though…

Anyone else who has chosen to go down that path

Has never come back…

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road-

11 thoughts on “Entry 109: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road

    • Thank you Mia! ^_^ I’m glad not all my Entry’s have to be some blood soaked nightmare for people to appreciate them. Honestly, I try to mix it up from time to time, but ultimately, it falls down to what is being told to me that day or what I’m thinking up.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and for reading it multiple times. I know this one is a tad on the shorter side, but it is nice to see it is appreciated for what it is nonetheless.

      Who came back and how will be revealed in future posts. Still, that could be a bit.

      Cheers! ^_^

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  1. My mind went to Charon ferrying souls down the River Styx. While he accepted a coin for passage, I can’t help but wonder what this soul you’ve introduced uses for currency…

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