Entry 108: The Widow’s Web

I take the form of a human

A woman you can’t resist

Our eyes meeting

Your heart singing

Like all, man or woman

You feel you must have me

I pretend I’m flattered when you send me a drink

Raising your glass our eyes meet

With one finger I motion you over to me

You’re so cute, so shy and reserved

I stand up and you take in all my wonderful curves

Gazing upon my entrancing black dress

You ask me nervously for a dance

Smiling I take you by the hand

Pulling you close, the dance begins

You stare into my eyes commenting on their color

I stare into your soul and see you have another

A significant other that is

Yet here you are, dancing with me

Blissfully unaware, you are dinner to me

We dance for a few hours and leave the bar

I giggle like some school girl as we approach my lair

A mansion far bigger than any you have ever seen

All black, a dash of red in the right places

Deeper into my web is where you head

I take you into a room

A bed waits just for me and you

It’s somewhat cute that you pretend

Drunkenly stumbling into my web

Telling me things like you’ve never done anything like this

We lose our clothes and you begin to worship my body

Kissing me up and down

You can’t resist any part of my body

It isn’t long before your tongue is between my legs

I take in the pleasure and bliss that you give

Holding your head in place I begin to moan

No wonder that woman back home keeps you around

I pull you up and begin to kiss your lips

The entire time I ponder what your wife and kids will think

Once they find out what a cheating piece of shit daddy is

I guess dinner will be easy this time

Looking south I gaze upon quite the plump piece of meat

You want so badly to stick it in

I let you and the fun really begins

Rocking me hard you think you have the power

Yet you are the one that I and my babies will devour

Laying on my back, I take all of you in…again…and again…

The passion is high, the feelings intense

You turn me over, grab me by the hair, and begin pounding me once again

I will admit it’s a bit surprising, however it won’t be long now

Soon I’ll be surprising you

You pound harder, watching my sweet ass bounce

Hypnotically entranced, you’ve forgotten all about your family now

It is upon sweet release that you begin to feel dreary

I pull you out, lay you on the bed

Then I play with it for a bit

I lick, I suck, slowly driving you to cum again

This game is going to be over soon

Gazing upon your exhausted, naked body I smile

Your sweat will make a sweet glaze come dinner time.

Secreting a toxin through my lips

One that will go perfectly with one that flowed through my body

When you believed we were simply having sex

I give you a different sort of kiss, one last time on those lips…

You awaken later to the sound of my babies crawling all over you…

Now however you are wrapped tightly in their web

You look afraid, I relish this

Fear & Pleausre are two ways to really bring out the flavor

Mixed just right, they make dinner perfect for as long as we eat

You see I’m the Black Widow Of Black Winter

Queen Of Spiders in all realities

I very much eat meat…and so will my babies

Next time you see a spider, before you smash it

Just think…will she find out about this?

That’s more a warning to those in other realities

Enough talk…


*The mans screams are drowned out by the sound of the spiders and their queen devouring him*

-The Widow’s Web-

11 thoughts on “Entry 108: The Widow’s Web

    • Well I’m glad you enjoyed this. I am also supremely complimented that you would think any of my posts have a classic horror feel. I always loved the classics growing up.

      I miss many of them, simply because, while there is still good modern horror out there in books, movies, etc…most of it doesn’t compare to the classics (many of which were before my time, but I still love to read and watch).

      To save further ramblings, curious, what are some of your favorite classic horror stories, regardless of the medium?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, for me, the thing about horror is that the better it is, the less I watch. For me, classic horror is a story of consequence. A good horror story has anticipation. Not necessarily 1980 horror movie anticipation like “Why would you run that way when you know that’s where the killer went?” but more like the anticipation of a person struggling to find some place safe and only finding more danger. The Grudge was a great horror movie. It took all the childhood places of safety and ripped them away from viewers. The original Nightmare on Elm Street. Those come to mind right away. Phantoms (the book, NOT the movie) had me sleeping with the light on. Those are a few that come to mind. I will always acknowledge Hitchcock as the master of horror because he always had the formula.

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      • Hitchcock knew all about suspense! He was a master of that art. I am pleasantly surprised to find someone else who enjoys The Grudge. To me, that film is great, as are the originals it came from.

        Takashi Shimizu had quite the vision when he did The Grudge as well as The Juon films before that one. Haha! I love 80’s horror but you are right, they characters are not the brightest and that unfortunately started a trend that still happens years later (though some writers and directors are trying to change that) in horror today.

        Nosferatu was pretty awesome (before my time) and I enjoy it. I know it isn’t a super popular remake but I actually loved the remake to The Evil Dead!

        Dracula comes to mind (before a bunch of terrible movies for it came out decades later). I could go on about this forever (despite my scattered thoughts).

        Thank you for putting up with my rambling and for discussing horror with me for a bit.

        Cheers! ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

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