Entry 102: M.C. Slay: Misery Loves Company

Will you listen to what I have to say?

Allow me to introduce myself you can call me Clay

Though around Black Winter they call me M.C. Slay

I first arrived here thinking what has happened to me?

Where the fuck could I be?

Why can’t I remember anything?

I wandered for what seemed like an eternity

At night I often heard screams

Just another dead whore dying in the streets

At least that is what I imagined it must be

One night I turned down an alley

I came upon the strangest sight I’d seen

Two women were raping a man

They used spiked bats to open up his ass

I remember doing nothing

Surely the women in the strange masks

Were exacting revenge on this man

He probably did something wrong

Now his screams were sweet

I won’t lie, something had awoken inside of me

A voice that said…

This is your calling

So I turned away

Leaving the man to his fate

I began to search Black Winters streets

For the victim that would take away my murder virginity

It didn’t take very long

Across the street was the most gorgeous and entrancing victim

The voice in my soul now told me this would be the one

My first victim

I followed her all the way to her place

A simple house on a street called Paradise

I came upon her silently as she opened her door

Covering her mouth and taking her to her living room floor

I kicked the front door shut behind me

Whispering into her ear I said

Don’t scream, I will end this peacefully

I then asked her what is her name

Gracefully she smiled and said


I’ve been waiting for your company

Then without another word she threw me to the ground

Ripped off my clothes and began to mount me

Riding, riding we went on this way for quite some time

I came inside her several times

My first victim then smiled at me pulling a knife out and stabbing me!

I felt the blade go through my chest

Again she stabbed, still riding me like I was some steed

I thought it’d end but just as I breathed my last

She kissed me and all my wounds were gone

Smiling she said

If you want to be the best

If you want a real victim you have to know their pain

You have to experience the high that is death properly

It was then she made out with me again

Riding me even harder than before there was soon a knock at the door

Misery smiled and said…

Prepare to meet your first victim

Her name is Carissa and she thinks we are best friends

She even professed her feeling to me

Stupid bitch doesn’t know I’m psychic and already knew

That voice inside of you, that was me too

Tonight we kill your first victim baby

I was instantly entranced, we invited Carissa in after I put on some new clothes

Misery had a closet full, she said they were from past victims

Together we started out with drinks, telling Carissa I was her friend

Once she was tipsy we started to get more suggestive

Eventually we bed Carissa, she was so sweet

Not nearly as amazing as Misery

Her body full of ecstacy

I rode her hard as I shoved her face between Misery’s pale legs

Misery and I made the perfect team

Fornicating with our unknowing victim

Slowly she pulled out the knife

Handing it to me with a smile

Her voice speaking in my soul


Get creative, she is your first one

I pulled Carissa’s head back

Slowly bringing the knife to her neck

Misery made out with her once more

I pulled the knife across her throat slowly

There were sounds of gurgling and pain

Misery licked the blood that came from her neck

Smiling she took my knife hand

Told me to keep fucking her as she and I

Stabbed Carissa again and again through the chest

I remember gaining release

Upon Carissa’s death

Misery sucked out her soul

Then threw me down on the blood stained sheets

Fucking me right next to Carissa’s dead body

I passed out after it was all through

Awakening to find Carissa’s dead body gone

I was clean, and there was no sign of the bloody sheets

Smiling she handed me some coffee and said

We were made for one another

I couldn’t disagree

I knew I was hers eternally

Eventually we grew into a routine

Although she would always have a twist to keep it exciting!

The blonde haired, blue eyed vixen, got me a contract and we recorded music

We would kill night after night

She would continue to please me with the hottest love making I’d ever had

During the day we would record tracks

I’d sing and sometimes rap about all the victims we’d slay

That is how I eventually gained my new name

Misery was my manager, together we made the first album

We quickly became a huge act, Black Winter Radio constantly playing

Each and every one of our latest tracks

If you are new to Black Winter you will hear them soon

Maybe one day we’ll make one about you…

-M.C. Slay: Misery Loves Company-

12 thoughts on “Entry 102: M.C. Slay: Misery Loves Company

  1. Horrifying and wonderful poem. Glad Clay and Misery were productive during their down time. Did they top the charts in Black Winter? Does Clay have a back story as to how he arrived at Black Winter? I hope you had a great Monday, enjoy the week. ~ Mia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you kindly! I am not known to get excited over my own work but I actually loved that line myself. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for coming by and reading, and for sharing your thoughts. (Blegh! That sounds so generic but I do appreciate you and all who read what I write).

      I hope you are well.

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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