Entry 94: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Black Hearse

Have you seen that old black hearse?

It travels the roads slowly

No one is entirely sure why

Some say it comes for souls

Always coming close by when someone is about to die

The driver is an old man, all in black

His eyes seem to show he is blind

Though if he and his old hearse roll by

You will likely feel he sees more than you or me could ever see

It is a funny thing

The vehicle has never once stopped for gas

A black coffin sits in the back

Sometimes it shakes and you hear something groan

Still no one really knows the why to hearse or the guy driving it

Is it there to collect the souls of the soon dead?

Or perhaps…

It is the one killing the soon to be dead

Merely driving by like some sick curse

Killing whoever the driver says needs to be dead…

Regardless of what you believe

If you see an old black hearse driving down your street

Run, hide, bar the doors and lock the windows!

Pray it is not you it comes for today…

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Black Hearse-







18 thoughts on “Entry 94: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Black Hearse

    • Thank you so much! I was just thinking about what you were saying and I think the debate could go either way. I’ve almost died too many times to count, then there are people who have died for so long and come back. You could argue we escaped death, and in the case of multiple times, it happened time and time again…but one never really escapes death in my opinion.

      No, whomever is sent to collect you and take you on to what’s next will get you when it is your time. I am very much on the side (despite past NDE’s) that when it is your time, you will go, regardless of whether you want to or not.

      Thanks for making me think and reflect though, and for reading. I appreciate your kind words and always love when you visit.

      Cheers! ^_^

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  1. I love this one! It actually reminds me of Angus Scrimm, whom I was fortunate enough to meet some years ago at a Fangoria convention. I went outside to smoke at some point and found his very own black hearse parked outside! I took a few pictures of it. It was awesome. 🀘😝🀘

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