Entry 82: A Killer View #1: I Work With You

You pass by me everday

You don’t even blink

I’m faceless in many ways

I mean it’s not like you are going to see me until it’s too late

You go home at night, I prepare to strike

You sleep soundly in bed

I’ve just taken off someone’s head!

The next day we go to work

You never knowing what I do

Or that I work at the desk just across from you.

-A Killer View #1: I Work With You-

Entry 81: I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman

Whistling the day away I walk through your neighborhood

Delivering your secrets and giving you a smile

All the while you never suspect a thing

You think I walk your streets simply to deliver messages for you to read

Meanwhile I prowl looking for someone oh so sweet

Someone who will make me feel complete

By day I deliver your bills

By tonight I’m going to give you a thrill

I knock at your door, you answer thinking oh it’s only me

Your friendly neighborhood postman here for a late delivery?

I step right in and look at you, you are entranced and why shouldn’t you be

Hypnotizing you with my thoughts I begin to play the game

I ask if your husband is home and you say he is away

Unbeknowest to you I already know this

You are quite the fetching blonde, look at those bosoms

I can’t wait to have my way with you

You simply smile and drop your dress

We go to your bedroom but then we hear a sound

Your daughter is home and she has come to surprise you from college

I smile, a devilish grin

I say threesome questioningly, knowing there is no way you can say no to me

You smile

When can we begin you say

You call her in and the rest is pure carnal lust

Perfect pleasure between your sheets

All involved screaming in ecstasy

Mom & Daughter really like their meat

However this game is far from complete

I tell you go make me a sandwich

You smile and say what kind?

I say whatever you wish to make is fine

Your daughter and I all alone

Those young sweet legs spread open for me

You don’t see what is going to happen next

I tell her to go into the kitchen and grab a sharp knife

I then whisper into her mind just how I want her to cut you up

Walking down the hall she hears me speak

Although my mouth moves to say nothing my mind does it all

I follow and watch her grab a knife, turning her mother around and giving her a kiss




Your daughter sits naked, on her knees

She rubs your blood all over her body

Licking the end of that blood soaked knife

She smiles at me expectantly

Gazing at her so into that pretty young face

Seeing that blood she taunts me

Such a dirty, evil little vixen

I can no longer resist

I throw her down and ride her hard!

Yes, soak in mommy’s blood

Relish it all as we fuck!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

I’ve tampered too far

Mommy’s blood could bring me a conviction

At least it would if I didn’t have the power to control minds

Soon it all ends, I release all my sins into her open confessional

It is positively TRANSCENDENT!

Then I shower and change leaving the house where the daughter remains

She licks that knife teasingly as she smiles at me through the window

I walk away, that image ingrained inside me

The daughter calls the police and gives a confession

She murdered her Mother and IT FELT GOOD!

On the way by I see a cop

She asks what I’m doing out so late?

I smile and tell her I had a late delivery to make

Tomorrow should be another long day

After all, I’m just your friendly neighborhood postman

-I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman-

Entry 80: Death Be My Lady

I see them come and I see them go

Soul after soul none aware of the hell they bare

Some are innocent and some are not

All have a past and most remember it not

Many wonder where or why?

Often is the souls of those who have died

That come through the streets and to my bar

Still none of that matters because no matter the soul

It means she’ll be close

You see…Death be my lady

Her sugar so sweet, her ice cold nature making me complete

Death be my lady

She is a beauty dressed all in black

Always saying I’ll have what last I had

Her drink choice always Dr. Jack

Just the sight of the whiskey on her lips

The way her hips move when in motion

Gets me going like a steam locomotive!

I dream of her drinking me in

Just the way she does her whiskey

Death…please be my lady!

She looks me straight in the face

Oh shit I think, I must have sang that one out loud

What the fuck do I do now?!

She smiles and says I’ll be your lady

That cheeky grin, the sin hidden behind her cold black eyes

Wowza! I have never felt so alive!

You see…Death be my lady

She admits to having drank the same drink every time she passes through

Hoping I’d notice her much as I had been doing from afar

Her smile grows even more, she claims that is the reason she always comes to my bar

Sternly pulling me in and planting a wet one on my lips I’m transported far away

She smiles once more as I fall to the floor

Death is overtaking me

Jumping over the bar she straddles me and whispers into my ear

Something to remember me by

In that moment she blew my mind

Before telling me it was my time

Taking my soul away all I could think was oh well…

You see…Death be my lady!

-Death Be My Lady-

Entry 79: Suicide Tree: Love Eternally

Come with me deep into the woods

Follow me to that old tree

You know the one I speak of

The one where we would always meet

That tree under which you cemented your love for me

So let us meet there again

Just like we once did

Let us cement our love once more

Just like before…

Though our bodies no longer hang there anymore

Let’s do it again

Using the bodies of these two love birds…

After all, what’s the use of possession

If we can’t relive our bliss

Even if only for a moment

I’m sure there will be more we can take

So we can go on future dates

-Suicide Tree: Love Eternally-


Entry 78: Ol Renny #2: On Winter

Ever wonder why the snow here is black?

It isn’t made of smoke & ash

So why then?

I’ve heard it has to do with a young woman

Her name was Winter

Many thought her cold

Supposedly she is a very special part of this town

After all, the town is named after her

They say she was born here

She was a product of this demented town

There are rumors of how she came to be

Some believe her a demon, or witch…

Others have no real clue

Her mystery is one piece of this towns puzzle

Though most of what you learn about her is just guess or speculation

It is said she is the reason the snow is black

Everyone is postive of that

How she does it or why it happens is not entirely known

Though many say if you find yourself out in the snow late at night

You may see Winter, hiding just out of sight

Some say she protects those all alone

Others that she drags your soul to hell

No one is for sure

She is VERY IMPORTANT though…

If you see her maybe you should ask

Winter, why so cold?

Guide my weary soul.

Take me back to life

Far away from this town and all its strife

Those who say this disappear

Then again I just told you everything about her is speculation…


-Ol Renny #2: On Winter-

P.S.- Is the image above what she looks like? FUCK IF I KNOW!


Entry 77: Lake Peace: Together Again

I see him standing there every night

Always beckoning me to join him at his side

He appears in nightmares and daydreams

At one time he was everything to me

I often think

Is that really him?

Is that the man I spent my life with?

He looks every bit as suave

Every bit as handsome

Still…something is off

I stare into his grey eyes and all I feel is fear

A voice in the back of my head screams!

It says that isn’t him!

Still, I hear his voice as well

It is calmer and every bit as real as I remember it

I’m flooded with memories all in black and white

I do’s, our honeymoon

The promise of someday having a child

We always wanted one

Suddenly the screaming voice is faint

I can only think of how much I miss him

He is just right there…

What sweet bliss it would be to once again taste his lips

I truly miss you Zack…

I lean in close, for just one more kiss

Falling in, it isn’t long

He takes my breath away

We are reunited again…

-Lake Peace: Together Again-

Entry 76: View From A Victim Who Lived In Apt. #2


*Vomiting blood*

Slowly…I crawl

I-I don’t believe my legs work anymore

I ran while I could…though I suppose it was no use

I was doing so well

The woman with the scar on her face, she didn’t seem to give chase

I finally escaped…I thought

I left my apartment through the fire escape the moment the banging came

She never said a word as my door burst inward!

I hit ground level and began to run

I turned around once I crossed the street to see her staring at me

I was most disturbed by her face

The scar, I wasn’t sure what it meant

Once again though…I started to run…she gave no chase

I arrived at the Subway station hoping to get away

There was nothing and no one as I ran through the tunnels

I swore they were running, I know I heard something

I turned around and guessed what I found?

It was you, that woman with the scarred face

You said nothing, simply stared with quite the wicked glare

If looks could kill I would have been dead right there

I screamed for help, you simply smiled

I turned to run and felt a quick knife to my back

Falling I felt the knife ripped from my flesh

Then faster than I could blink…

I felt hundreds of cuts open up my skin

I began to bleed out quite quickly

Now I crawl, yet here you come

Slowly you walk now knowing I’m going to die

Watching me like some rat in a maze

Savoring every moment, I can see it in those cold dead eyes

That wicked grin, it will be over soon as I have no more energy to crawl…

You roll me over with one foot and lean in close

I know death is coming now

You smile again, knife to my face

You begin to carve away as my blood spews on your face

It looks fitting on you as I gag and sputter watching you walk away

You pin my face to a peg board on a wall

The knife holding it in place

Then from nowhere you pull out an axe

My last memory as I fade away is the sound of your maniacal laughter

…As your axe came down upon my face…

-View From A Victim Who Lived in Apt. 2-

Entry 75: Claire

I didn’t do it/YES I DID!

They were happy/I WAS MAD!

I didn’t enjoy it/OH BUT I DID!

I think there is a monster inside my 6 year old body/I AM THE MONSTER!

I didn’t care for the taste of their flesh/IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS!

I’m just an innocent little girl/I’M EVERYTHING YOU FEAR!


No really we can’t leave/THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK!


Why that look on your face?/I CARVED OFF MY DOGS FACE!

I assure you that you are safe/THERE IS NO PLACE YOU CAN HIDE!

Yep, a fictional town in a fictional space/THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK!

I couldn’t possibly get inside your mind/I’M PSYCHIC, SEE YOU SOON!

I’m trapped in this old, drab, padded cell/I’VE KILLED THEM ALL IN THIS PLACE!

They are surely all safe outside this cell/THEY ARE LIVING IN ME NOW!

Oh is that your cat?/SO CUTE THAT IT IS BLACK!

You drink coffee?/I DRINK BLOOD!


Can you see me smile as you read this?/I LOVE WHEN MY VICTIMS SMILE EVEN IF I CARVE IT INTO THEIR FACE!

Are you feeling okay?/WHY THAT FACE?

You love to read and write/I MAKE ART OF A DIFFERENT KIND!

Well when next we speak/IT WILL BE IN NIGHTMARES AS YOU WEEP!

Oh you have such a lovely home/DO YOU SEE ME WATCHING YOU?


Entry 73: The View From Apt. #2

Have you ever looked through a peephole?

What did you see?

Did it turn you on, taking a peep on any unsuspecting soul who might be there?

Let me tell you what I see.

Night after night I look through that hole.

Truth be told I’m terrified of peepholes but something about the one in my apartment

…well you might say it won’t let go

I have to look, if I don’t they will become more aggressive

I must see what they want me to see

There is always something, never nothing

One night I saw an old blind man…it was as though he was staring right at me

That is impossible though right?

Another night it was a woman soaked in blood…

I was scared but I had to look

Disturbed by this I tried not to look at what might be there the next night…

I can sense when something is there to see, the door itself compels me

At around 3 in the morning there came a BANG!

“Katie!” something moaned my name

Slowly I got up and crept to the peephole and what did I see?

The spirit of my dead grandfather stood before me

He still had the knife he slit his throat open with the night he died

There was no explanation as to why he was there

He simply was and he simply stared

Silently for what must have been an eternity he stood

Eventually he disappeared

Last night I saw a man get beat to death by two men in hoods carrying spiked bats!

I’ve stopped calling the police, every time they come there is never anything there…

This place has turned me into a town loon!

I know I’m not crazy though, you believe me right?

I feel compelled to look out again

Time to take a peak at the latest thing to torment me

Looking out I see many types of faces all staring back at me!

They all look as though they are staring at a computer screen

Do you see me?

No, where are you going? Don’t leave me here alone!

You disappeared…there is only one other standing in your place

A smiling woman, she has a scar across her face…

She disturbs me…

-The View From Apt. #2-