Entry 92: Dinner

Mmmm…it felt so good

The moment was wrought with a tension untamed

My gentleman caller all wound up

Nice and firm

All hard, he thought it was ripe for my sucking

Too bad for him I only ever had intentions of cutting

Imagine his shock as I cut it off

Blood going everywhere

My gentleman you’ve gone into shock!

Oh what fun it is to see all your blood

Just another sick depraved fantasy of mine come true

On to the next one I say

She really was quite the jewel

A woman who thought she could not be tamed

I had her eating me out just before ending her life

All in time to make her for dinner

You see, I never waste perfectly good meat!

Don’t take this wrong, it isn’t about the sex

Truthfully it is just about having fun

Just before I devour someone

I liken it to playing with my food

Something mother always complained a lady should never do

Well mother, now you are dead

More meat in my deep freeze

No different than the others in the end

I’m a lady every man and woman desires

I wield real power!

They call me Alice

Stare into my blue eyes

Look how perfect my body is

You know you want a taste

I want to know your deepest depraved desires

We could have real fun you and me…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?



6 thoughts on “Entry 92: Dinner

  1. Going to take a rain check on dinner with Alice. Can I get a doggy bag?

    Side note: I’m viewing this on my phone and in the reader I see there are images accompanying your poems. These don’t show up on your website. Even if I click on the headline to open the poem individually I don’t see images on the main site. I don’t know if that matters or not (perhaps this is by design) to you, but I thought it was an inconsistency worth mentioning.

    Liked by 1 person

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