Entry 90: Nova Daniels #3: Silent Suffering


Do you hear us talking to you in the night?

You don’t respond pretending we aren’t there

We know you hear us

We speak to you of dark things

Only you can hear us for now

Your life is hopeless

You are in Black Winter now

There is no escape for you

Only suffering

Give up, give into the whispers we speak into your mind

You are ours now

Forget all of your past

Your husband is dead

Submit, or we will show you exactly what has become of him

It is something you don’t want to see

We speak truth to you, though you are in denial of what you hear

Come now Nova, hear the whispers in the wind

You are all alone now

There is no one who will help you

Not one soul on the outside solved a single riddle for you

No one offered help to you

You are doomed now soul

Forever you are to roam these woods

Killing other would be souls who come through

This is how it all ends for you

No bloodshed, no violent end

Only silence

Go ahead and try to scream

We think you will find your voice is no longer working


Now you see what we mean

Someone will be here soon, they are walking to their doom

You will kill them

They will be your first

At which point you will be ours

Another denizen of this town

A silent murderer who will only be able to temporarily stop their pain

With each life you take

Go ahead and give into us now

The cold loneliness is how it all ends

Silently you will suffer, wanting to scream

This shall be your fate…


-Nova Daniels #3: Silent Suffering-

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