Entry 89: A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!

I remember earlier this week

It was the first time you noticed me

You were talking to your best friend June

Before she died

You said who is that handsome man you are about to go out with?

She introduced us, it was too much

Neither of you knowing, you are truly what I desire

Oh yes dear friend we will meet again

Alas, I’m hungry and your friend and I have a date

I wouldn’t want to make her wait

We went out, had a few drinks

She droned on about how she loved to sew and blah blah blah…boring shit!

I smiled and nodded in all the right places

Keeping her enamored and in my good graces

She never had a clue that the entire time I was thinking about you

That night we went to her place and got undressed for some totally kinky sex

Classy guy that I am, I let her choose the position

It seemed predictably so, that someone as boring as her would want to do missionary

So I let her ride, she soon began to cum alive if you get me

The entire time, I thought of you and not the cheap whore I was in bed with

The night was at an end, she begged me to stay, I assured her I would another day

She seemed depressed, like she was thinking she wasn’t good enough

That was what first brought a smile to my face

June must have noticed, her cold blue eyes suddenly lit with fire

She attacked me with a shoe or two, flinging them at my face

I could have easily dodged but I needed a good bruise for the story I was up to

You see, poor June seems to have liked to mix hard drugs with licquor

At least that is what the police report will say

It didn’t take much, everyone knew she had a temper

June had lost a boyfriend or two in the past for domestic violence

Trust me, my research was quite vast

Add in a secret love for mixing liquor with drugs

Doesn’t matter when I make that up

A slanderous word to her that no one else will ever hear

She attacks, I fight back

Self defense, it was all too easy

In an attempt to keep her off me, I had no choice but to push back

Suddenly she trips and busts her head on the edge of her coffee table

Dead, with no one the wiser

You may think it a great risk that I be involved so openly in this

Clearly, even if my story checks out

You at the least will be watching me closely now

Oh but I know this, that is part of the rush!

All the better because I bet you notice me now!

-A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!-


8 thoughts on “Entry 89: A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!

  1. Another awesome entry. I had to snap back to the first entry to refresh. Love this story line. We get at taste of the origin of the man who is able to sink into the background. The title, “I bet you notice me now!” is perfect when you consider the first entry.

    Who’s crazier in this situation? Sounds to me like old boy got rid of a crazy woman who “disposed” of ex-boyfriends with flair. But this “accidental” killing seems to have awakened something new. This is a fun one. I’m curious to see what other twisted tomfoolery he gets into.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the land of the future there will be more to this series of poetry. No worries. I also wanted to let you know thank you as always for reading my poetry and for your thoughts.

      I wanted to respond this morning but time was pressing and I had to start the walk to work. Xp

      Liked by 1 person

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