Entry 86: Cancer Kills All

Haunting at night you would give most a fright

Silently wandering the halls

Often chilling to the bone

Happy to witness it is for me

Your eternal suffering

You show me, playing on a loop

The horrible agony you endured

I’ve seen murders, I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen suicides a plenty

You would think I would be mad like all the rest

However, I find this endlessly entrancing

Morbid though it may be

This old man has had his curiosity peaked

Perhaps I’ve seen plenty of tragedy in my time

Maybe I really am insane inside

Still, I just saw a woman get butchered by an axe

The spectral being carrying the weapon said you’ll be next

I told it you can’t threaten death to the already dying

Explaining how soon the cancer would take me as it has all of you

The cancer is the reason I murdered and drove to suicide

Those of you who tried to stay and take care of me

Don’t you see, you all needed to feel my suffering!

It’s why I took an axe to old Betty

Why I drove Samantha insane, with my mad ravings

She thought this place haunted for sure

I took advantage of that, ending her with quite the theatrical display

Eventually leaving her to the inevitable end of that noose

Still, that didn’t suffice me enough to make me feel alive

I ripped Gary in two with a chainsaw, was it as fun for him as it was for me?

Who knows, maybe you should ask his dead spirit!

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Oh sure, now he won’t speak

I’ll be honest I only killed him to make him shut up!

Then came Beth, she was truly turned on by the idea of death

She also really loved to spread her legs

Shame she had to die, I wanted to keep her on

Dare I say, I might have been in love?

Sadly she met her untimely end

Having accidentally wandered into a trap I set up for someone else

I forgot I’d rigged the light to activate the axe which would be her doom

Decapitated her it did, but at least I can still have fun with the head

Every now and again…

There  were many others to be sure, but they’ll find them soon enough

Soon I’ll be another piece of the history of this mad place

By the time I’m gone, the world will realize what I have done

Down in the darkest parts of the basement walls of these halls

It is there you will find the bodies of all those I’ve killed


So kill me already cancer, will you?

-Cancer Kills All-

10 thoughts on “Entry 86: Cancer Kills All

    • Thank you for the kind words and the well wishes. No worries, to my knowledge, I am free of the big C and hopefully will never have to worry about that in my life time. I have (as many people have) had family members I’ve lost to such a horrible thing but alas, not me thankfully.

      I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. I am a bit trippy right now. I have been sick a lot lately, right now mostly due to change in seasons (almost Fall, YAY!) and really bad allergies I get when the seasons change. I took some Alka Seltzer Night Time plus and it has me loopy, so right now the only thing I’m battling outside of my insomnia is being really out of it from medicine.

      Just know your words mean a lot.

      Cheers! ^_^

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