Entry 85: The Organ Mans Tune

*Intensely haunting organ music plays*

Hear him play late at night

Dread filled haunting darkness his main key

Your soul ending in misery

If you hear his black tune

Death is coming for you

No one sees him

They only hear him play

Dead they will be before day lights first rays

He has been likened to the Banshee

Or other foreboding omens of death

However the music he plays seeks you out

It isn’t an omen but a guarantee

Your soul will soon join his symphony

It is rumored he plays from the top of a church

However his music has been heard throughout all of Black Winters streets

Those hearing it, always dying in some twisted way

Or by the horrors he summons as he madly plays!

Such is the way The Organ Man plays

Damning all who hear his tune

Taking their souls to their eternal doom

-The Organ Mans Tune-

4 thoughts on “Entry 85: The Organ Mans Tune

  1. I won’t lie, but these lines really scared me:

    Such is the way The Organ Man plays

    Damning all who hear his tune

    Taking their souls to their eternal doom

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    • Well thank you! I’m glad the poem struck a chord of sorts. At any rate, have a much happier night and may you never hear The Organ Mans Tune. šŸ˜‰

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment as well.

      Cheers! ^_^


  2. The more concepts you introduce about Black Winter, the more invested I get. I could easily see myself snagging a short book full of Black Winter tales. Because you tend to offer such visceral description, mixed with metaphor, you could probably find some stellar artists to crush some wicked artwork for it too.

    I want to live on the outskirts of Black Winter and peer at it through binoculars.

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    • Thank you! I try my best to catch the readers attention. Still, I’d write it even if no one ever read it. That fact that people read any of the poetry or stories about Black Winter is a bonus and something I dearly appreciate.

      Maybe someday I’ll try to put something together years from now. I likely wouldn’t sell it, (I mean publishing 101, you don’t put online that which you intend to publish, unless you already have it online and are charging by using Amazon etc. for selling one’s books) but if I ever decided to collect it in a book for fun, I’d likely do so sparingly. I’ve been told I should collect the poems into an anthology of sorts before if only so those who enjoy the poetry could read it from the palm of their hands of sorts.

      Honestly though, I do it as an escape, partial therapy, and most of all because I simply love to write. I’m actually quite surprised people read it at all as usually people shy away from darker themes. I know some of the Entry’s get really dark. I’m flattered you would think I should even make a book of poetry for it, let alone that other artists would even want to do art for it.

      I appreciate it. I’m rambling though and long story short, for now, I simply aim to continue to post to this blog every Monday through Saturday, giving bits and pieces about Black Winter and its denizens one Entry at a time.

      Thank you for reading and all your comments. I appreciate it. Hehe…I’d be careful. Living on the outskirts of Black Winter, you likely will find yourself in it without even realizing it. The town has a way of taking people in…willingly or not. Cheers! ^_^

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