Entry 84: Death By Burial


Why hello, it seems you’ve woken up.

Such a shame for you, pure glee for me!

I hope you are prepared for what happens next

I guarantee it will be slow

Every gasping breath, a step closer to your death!

I hope you don’t mind

I’ve taken the time to strap you in

Wouldn’t want you escaping what I have planned

After all you will soon know eternal sleep

I’m sure you’ll find it a wonderful peace

I truly hope you understand

This is in your best interests

You will experience the same death my wife once did

She was taken from me just like I’m taking you from your family

It was only when she died that I realized one cannot trust humanity

Sadly my dear this is my revenge

I won’t lie, I take some pleasure in what is going to happen

Perhaps it will get my message across

Perhaps not

Tonight though one thing is for sure

Death by burial it is for you!

*The coffin slams shut and the burial begins, all the while she screams*

-Death By Burial-

8 thoughts on “Entry 84: Death By Burial

  1. One thing I admire about your work is your ability to hold a rhythm in your words. You can trace with a finger the white space along the sides of your excerpt. It creates comfortably peaks and valleys. You masterfully use long and short sentences like weapons. Hack away old chap…hack away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you again. I appreciate your thoughts. I think there is more rhythm in the ones I write as song but I do enjoy seeing what others take from what they read. It gives me insight into what they see, and helps me evolve as well.

      Thank you for your always insightful thoughts and for taking the time to read or comment at all.

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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