Entry 81: I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman

Whistling the day away I walk through your neighborhood

Delivering your secrets and giving you a smile

All the while you never suspect a thing

You think I walk your streets simply to deliver messages for you to read

Meanwhile I prowl looking for someone oh so sweet

Someone who will make me feel complete

By day I deliver your bills

By tonight I’m going to give you a thrill

I knock at your door, you answer thinking oh it’s only me

Your friendly neighborhood postman here for a late delivery?

I step right in and look at you, you are entranced and why shouldn’t you be

Hypnotizing you with my thoughts I begin to play the game

I ask if your husband is home and you say he is away

Unbeknowest to you I already know this

You are quite the fetching blonde, look at those bosoms

I can’t wait to have my way with you

You simply smile and drop your dress

We go to your bedroom but then we hear a sound

Your daughter is home and she has come to surprise you from college

I smile, a devilish grin

I say threesome questioningly, knowing there is no way you can say no to me

You smile

When can we begin you say

You call her in and the rest is pure carnal lust

Perfect pleasure between your sheets

All involved screaming in ecstasy

Mom & Daughter really like their meat

However this game is far from complete

I tell you go make me a sandwich

You smile and say what kind?

I say whatever you wish to make is fine

Your daughter and I all alone

Those young sweet legs spread open for me

You don’t see what is going to happen next

I tell her to go into the kitchen and grab a sharp knife

I then whisper into her mind just how I want her to cut you up

Walking down the hall she hears me speak

Although my mouth moves to say nothing my mind does it all

I follow and watch her grab a knife, turning her mother around and giving her a kiss




Your daughter sits naked, on her knees

She rubs your blood all over her body

Licking the end of that blood soaked knife

She smiles at me expectantly

Gazing at her so into that pretty young face

Seeing that blood she taunts me

Such a dirty, evil little vixen

I can no longer resist

I throw her down and ride her hard!

Yes, soak in mommy’s blood

Relish it all as we fuck!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

I’ve tampered too far

Mommy’s blood could bring me a conviction

At least it would if I didn’t have the power to control minds

Soon it all ends, I release all my sins into her open confessional

It is positively TRANSCENDENT!

Then I shower and change leaving the house where the daughter remains

She licks that knife teasingly as she smiles at me through the window

I walk away, that image ingrained inside me

The daughter calls the police and gives a confession

She murdered her Mother and IT FELT GOOD!

On the way by I see a cop

She asks what I’m doing out so late?

I smile and tell her I had a late delivery to make

Tomorrow should be another long day

After all, I’m just your friendly neighborhood postman

-I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman-

6 thoughts on “Entry 81: I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman

    • Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It certainly has a certain imagery to it. Xp All kidding aside though, truly appreciate that you enjoy this. You should know I post a new Entry every Monday through Saturday so, the blog is updated often.

      So if you ever need or want more, more will keep coming, I’m hoping for years and years to come, provided I am blessed with a great many decades more to live. ^_^

      I digress…

      Thank you again!

      One never knows just who their postman really is. πŸ˜‰

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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