Entry 80: Death Be My Lady

I see them come and I see them go

Soul after soul none aware of the hell they bare

Some are innocent and some are not

All have a past and most remember it not

Many wonder where or why?

Often is the souls of those who have died

That come through the streets and to my bar

Still none of that matters because no matter the soul

It means she’ll be close

You see…Death be my lady

Her sugar so sweet, her ice cold nature making me complete

Death be my lady

She is a beauty dressed all in black

Always saying I’ll have what last I had

Her drink choice always Dr. Jack

Just the sight of the whiskey on her lips

The way her hips move when in motion

Gets me going like a steam locomotive!

I dream of her drinking me in

Just the way she does her whiskey

Death…please be my lady!

She looks me straight in the face

Oh shit I think, I must have sang that one out loud

What the fuck do I do now?!

She smiles and says I’ll be your lady

That cheeky grin, the sin hidden behind her cold black eyes

Wowza! I have never felt so alive!

You see…Death be my lady

She admits to having drank the same drink every time she passes through

Hoping I’d notice her much as I had been doing from afar

Her smile grows even more, she claims that is the reason she always comes to my bar

Sternly pulling me in and planting a wet one on my lips I’m transported far away

She smiles once more as I fall to the floor

Death is overtaking me

Jumping over the bar she straddles me and whispers into my ear

Something to remember me by

In that moment she blew my mind

Before telling me it was my time

Taking my soul away all I could think was oh well…

You see…Death be my lady!

-Death Be My Lady-

12 thoughts on “Entry 80: Death Be My Lady

    • Thank you! I actually had a lot of fun writing it. πŸ™‚ I suppose she should have fun sometimes as the job would get tedious. Plus, she already had him marked so it’s kind of just playing the waiting game at that point.

      I like to think she did this as a way to take him as peacefully as possible. Like maybe the bartender wasn’t a bad guy, even if he lives in a place like Black Winter.

      Liked by 1 person

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