Entry 78: Ol Renny #2: On Winter

Ever wonder why the snow here is black?

It isn’t made of smoke & ash

So why then?

I’ve heard it has to do with a young woman

Her name was Winter

Many thought her cold

Supposedly she is a very special part of this town

After all, the town is named after her

They say she was born here

She was a product of this demented town

There are rumors of how she came to be

Some believe her a demon, or witch…

Others have no real clue

Her mystery is one piece of this towns puzzle

Though most of what you learn about her is just guess or speculation

It is said she is the reason the snow is black

Everyone is postive of that

How she does it or why it happens is not entirely known

Though many say if you find yourself out in the snow late at night

You may see Winter, hiding just out of sight

Some say she protects those all alone

Others that she drags your soul to hell

No one is for sure

She is VERY IMPORTANT though…

If you see her maybe you should ask

Winter, why so cold?

Guide my weary soul.

Take me back to life

Far away from this town and all its strife

Those who say this disappear

Then again I just told you everything about her is speculation…


-Ol Renny #2: On Winter-

P.S.- Is the image above what she looks like? FUCK IF I KNOW!



9 thoughts on “Entry 78: Ol Renny #2: On Winter

  1. Super solid first line. It hooked me immediately. I thought, “he’s burning bodies again…” then boom, line two dispels the notion.

    A town named Winter with black snow. My mind played word association games. Winter…winter is coming (Game of Thrones)…snow…Jon Snow (Game of Thrones again)…then I was sure his dire wolf’s name was Winter…but it’s name is Ghost. Then I was like he’s talking about souls…Ghost=Soul? Bahahahah! This is what happens when I play word association games.

    Regardless, loved this entry from start to stop. Always a joy to read your work.

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    • Well, despite the humorous take of Ol’ Renny, there are things quite a plenty important to be had. The town is named Black Winter supposedly because of this soul named Winter. You could guess the black comes from the snows color but the fact that it isn’t ash leaves one to wonder.

      Although much about Winter as Ol Renny puts it is speculation there are truths and pieces here and there that are important to the overall mystery that is the town and also the one it’s named after. That brings with it a ton of other questions about both Winter and the towns history, but if I gave any of that away now, where would be the mystery?

      I already knew people would immediately associate black snow with ash and as I’ve been wanting to do an entry that at least somewhat relates to a part of the towns history and mystery, as well as the snow within it, I’ve also been wanting to dispel the misconception I figure people would get from the image of black snow.

      Name association can keep you guessing endlessly so no worries there. You know I over analyze everything so I understand where you come from. As much as I enjoy Game Of Thrones this has nothing to do with that. Xp

      Thank you kindly for you analysis as well as for taking the time to read and comment on what you thought. It is greatly appreciated.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • Thanks for the “behind the scenes” on Black Winter. I’m looking forward to more tales from this bleak place.

        It was interesting for me because at first I imagined a grayish black snow (ash slurry) and with the next sentence my mind went with pitch black snow. It’s amazing how words create a telepathic link into people’s minds.

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