Entry 77: Lake Peace: Together Again

I see him standing there every night

Always beckoning me to join him at his side

He appears in nightmares and daydreams

At one time he was everything to me

I often think

Is that really him?

Is that the man I spent my life with?

He looks every bit as suave

Every bit as handsome

Still…something is off

I stare into his grey eyes and all I feel is fear

A voice in the back of my head screams!

It says that isn’t him!

Still, I hear his voice as well

It is calmer and every bit as real as I remember it

I’m flooded with memories all in black and white

I do’s, our honeymoon

The promise of someday having a child

We always wanted one

Suddenly the screaming voice is faint

I can only think of how much I miss him

He is just right there…

What sweet bliss it would be to once again taste his lips

I truly miss you Zack…

I lean in close, for just one more kiss

Falling in, it isn’t long

He takes my breath away

We are reunited again…

-Lake Peace: Together Again-


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