12 thoughts on “Entry 74: She Jumped From 74 Stories Up…

    • That was the idea. I’ve been meaning to post a super concise one for a bit and today seemed like the right day.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read this clearly epic length novel I wrote for today’s entry. 😉

      Also thank you for the comment.

      Cheers! ^_^ (In other words, going to play some Monster Hunter or Zelda again soon) Xp

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      • I saw how short it was and thought…video games were played until the wee hours of the morning 🙂 But regardless, why take volumes to relay what you can with a single word. Good stuff.

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      • It was also a way to see if I could pull off something concise and effective in its message. I played Monster Hunter a bit last night and I get lost in that for hours.

        Also, there is a poet I follow on WordPress who usually posts concise and I wanted to see if I could what he does. I’m rambling though. Tomorrow is going to be much longer than one word though. May be another early post seeing as I’m going to a buddy’s for his birthday tomorrow night which means drinking, and prob won’t bring my IPad with me.

        The nightmare I got this from was unexpected though. Xp

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      • Sugary birthday food mixed with alcohol usually means morning headaches for me. Have fun! I will check out your musings tomorrow if time allows it.

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      • No worries. I won’t eat sugary foods. Just lots of meat and prob pizza etc. For all I know we could wind up doing bar hopping. I mean we live in a college town so there are plenty we can choose from and knowing the group of us that are going to be hanging out, it will end in drinking followed by going to the bar for more drinking, followed by what happened last night?

        Then hungover me will post something Sunday for the world to view. Hopefully readable. Xp

        Rest assured I will have something up tomorrow, before festivities. Enjoy your weekend good sir and thank you for all your phenomenal advice.

        Cheers! ^_^

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