Entry 73: The View From Apt. #2

Have you ever looked through a peephole?

What did you see?

Did it turn you on, taking a peep on any unsuspecting soul who might be there?

Let me tell you what I see.

Night after night I look through that hole.

Truth be told I’m terrified of peepholes but something about the one in my apartment

…well you might say it won’t let go

I have to look, if I don’t they will become more aggressive

I must see what they want me to see

There is always something, never nothing

One night I saw an old blind man…it was as though he was staring right at me

That is impossible though right?

Another night it was a woman soaked in blood…

I was scared but I had to look

Disturbed by this I tried not to look at what might be there the next night…

I can sense when something is there to see, the door itself compels me

At around 3 in the morning there came a BANG!

“Katie!” something moaned my name

Slowly I got up and crept to the peephole and what did I see?

The spirit of my dead grandfather stood before me

He still had the knife he slit his throat open with the night he died

There was no explanation as to why he was there

He simply was and he simply stared

Silently for what must have been an eternity he stood

Eventually he disappeared

Last night I saw a man get beat to death by two men in hoods carrying spiked bats!

I’ve stopped calling the police, every time they come there is never anything there…

This place has turned me into a town loon!

I know I’m not crazy though, you believe me right?

I feel compelled to look out again

Time to take a peak at the latest thing to torment me

Looking out I see many types of faces all staring back at me!

They all look as though they are staring at a computer screen

Do you see me?

No, where are you going? Don’t leave me here alone!

You disappeared…there is only one other standing in your place

A smiling woman, she has a scar across her face…

She disturbs me…

-The View From Apt. #2-




5 thoughts on “Entry 73: The View From Apt. #2

    • I’m glad you enjoy this poem and the blog. Thank you so much for your thoughts and the kind words. In regards to publishing an anthology, I’m unsure.

      I write because of my insatiable need to, and my love for writing itself. A blog allows me to do that well. I’m not opposed to putting in the time or money someday to potentially doing so. However, at the moment, I’m just letting it develop. It went from being a horror/mystery to a world all its own.

      Most entries became poems, though I never thought it would be that way initially. I love and enjoy writing this though, and it has developed into the style of an anthology I suppose. Pieces connect, yet are not really told in a particular order. In truth, the town is the real character here, though there are many in the story itself. I am a fan of anthologies, who knows, maybe I will someday.

      For now though, I simply write because I love it, and I don’t have any immediate plans to publish anything. Thank you so kindly though, and I appreciate the fact you think I should consider it. Also thank you for listen to me ramble. I do that a lot. Xp

      Cheers! ^_^

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