Entry 72: Cult Of The Moon #1


I have many words to speak

We are united tonight under Luna’s wicked light

To discuss present matters within this wonderfully dark and twisted town we live in!

Come now, tell Luna your sickest sins, let our ceremony begin

While you speak your vile filth we will begin to bathe this sacrifice in blood

Together now brothers and sisters let’s begin.

<In unison the congregation speaks>

We are the cult of the moon

Sin & sacrifice is what we do

Appeasing our goddess through blood and death

The darker we are the more pleased she will be

We are not just another secret sect, we rule Black Winter through pain & suffering!

Luna hear our pleas, accept the offering we are about to bequeath to thee.

Yes! Let her hear your prayers, the sacrifice is blindfolded and stripped down

Let us put her in the bath of blood, and once she is ready

We will fill her with seed, so she is ripe for the sacrifice!

Come brothers and sisters let us step into the bath.

Put your hands this woman, and gentleman prepare your seed

Luna we do this for you!

Accept our latest blood soaked contribution to you!

<The sacrifice begins to moan as one by one men plow her fields and women caress her body>

Luna, do you hear her moans?

She is a willing contributor to your future arrival.

Even now as our brothers and sisters take her from all sides she gurgles and moans


Sisters pull her head back, and show her neck.

Hand me my knife and we will end sacrifice #410!

It won’t be much longer now brothers and sisters!

This sacrifice’s soul will go up to Luna and bring her one step closer to

Walking among us, her lowly and loyal servants!

Doors to the chamber slam shut and the sacrifices neck is cut…

There is a gurgled scream, then her body falls limp…

The young woman’s soul is now lifted into the moonlit sky…

Thus ends the latest ceremony…

-Cult Of The Moon #1-



7 thoughts on “Entry 72: Cult Of The Moon #1

  1. I thought of two things when I read this (then found out one extra thing). First, I imagined the scene being from a sort of ancient Norse ritual to gain blessings from the gods. Then the Indiana Jones part of me wondered if this Cult of Luna was referencing Huaca de la Luna and the human sacrifices there.

    Then I did a search and found the band, The Cult of Luna. Given your musical leanings and background, I made the assumption the inspiration came from the band.

    Regardless of origin, there is something primal about human sacrifice. In popular culture, the hero often sacrifices themselves for others. We see this and it elicits certain emotions, usually one of wanting. “Could I be that brave? Could I be so bold?”

    But take a person who is committed to a cause with 100 percent of their being and sacrifice them in a ritualistic manner…and suddenly everyone is losing their mind. There is a real depth to this work – well done.

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    • I’m a fan of Indiana Jones although that isn’t the origin of this piece. I have heard about Huaca de la Luna, it however has been a while since I read or even researched into such, and I actually had never heard of Cult Of Luna, but thanks to you and your thorough research and thoughts, I just looked them up and really dig their sound! Xp

      On a more serious note, Cults are kind of in the big 3 of things that disturb me or I fear. I find them intriguing mostly because I’m morbidly curious and I wonder how people can become so strong in the belief of something or someone that they would be willing to murder, or commit suicide or both! These are extremes of course, not ever Cult does this (however they all disturb me).

      You bring up a very interesting point though. Someone willing to give themselves without a second thought in sacrifice is pretty devoted and it tends to drive other devotees wild! I suppose it is a Martyr syndrome of sorts. I could prob talk about this forever however, I am getting lengthy in my reply and I really wanted to let you know I respect not only your thoughts on the subject (I’m glad you could see a big theme in the poem itself being sacrifice and devotion for lack of a longer description) but how well you did research in your search for a potential origins for the poem itself.

      Thank you QE, also thanks for introducing me to a new band. (Well new to me). This poems origins aren’t as important as the message and you seem to have picked up on it quite well. I appreciate the depth of your reply. Plus I love these discussions.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • I wouldn’t have researched it if I wasn’t entertained by it. For me, part of the fun of writing and reading is breaking it down and trying to figure out why it makes me feel a certain way. As a writer and editor, looking at how component parts elicit emotions helps me become better at my own craft. Your dark rantings always get me thinking, so I appreciate that.

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  2. Your imagination fills me with both trepidation and curiosity. Wow! Well, I hope that she, at least, enjoyed her fields getting plowed before they mowed her down! Never a boring time here — I want to scream at the top of my lungs and stick my tongue out like that Gene guy from The Kiss. I don’t know why, but somehow, it seems like the appropriate thing to do after reading your poem. No lip biting this time! 😀

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