Entry 71: Carnival Of Fun!

*Warped Carnival music plays*

Hey kids! Do you want to have some fun?!

Perhaps you want to do things your parents won’t let you?

If this is true, and we know it is

Then come on down to The Carnival Of Fun!

How do you get there you say?

Oh I’m so glad you asked!

There are multiple ways!

Step 1: Go into your parents room while they sleep

Step 2: Make them sleep eternally!

Don’t know how to do this you say?

It’s easy! You can smother them

You can slice them up! (A personal favorite of mine)

You can kill them in any way you please!

This way they will never say no again.

Doing this will earn you a ticket for each kid in the family

To come to The Carnival Of Fun!

Little Suzie doesn’t want to go?

That’s okay, kill her too!

Need help with all this, no worries

Look into a mirror and put on your biggest smile!

Do this and I’ll be there in no time flat!

Smiles loves to have fun too!

Want to have more fun?

Do your parents happen to have a loaded gun?

No worries, if they do we will incorporate that into the fun too!

Oh and if your hot babysitter is watching you, we will bring her as well.

Leave her alive, Smiles will deal with her in time

For her, I have a special game in mind!

What will a ticket to The Carnvial Of Fun get you besides admittance you ask?

Well for starters there will be endless games to play!

Games like Guess Who Will Hang? (Sometimes it is all of them)

Who to set ablaze?

What happens next?

Smiles Game Of Mystery (This one comes with a history lesson too!)

Also lest I forget there is all the candy you could ever want to eat!

Not enough for you, you say?

No worries, there is every toy you could ever imagine or want

Other kids to have fun with (or slay)

Angry at that old teacher, no worries, we can kill them too!

Oh you prefer torture, well we will be sure to see that through!

Then when you are done, we can sew them back together to show everyone!

Did I mention there is more candy too?!

Maybe you have a kinder heart?

We have a place for you too! (In the torture chamber for surgery!)

No matter what you imagine we can make it come true

Smiles can give you all the fun you could ever have!

No parents, No bedtime, All Fun!

You’ll never want to leave

This I guarantee!

*Souls may be property of Smiles eternally*

-The Carnival Of Fun!-


17 thoughts on “Entry 71: Carnival Of Fun!

    • Thank you kindly! ^_^ I’ve been wanting to post something that also portrayed my childhood disturbance by clowns. Clowns terrify me! I know that is fairly common, but they quite literally TERRIFY ME! I’m not talking, oh I’m a little afraid of them…I’m talking heart stopping dread kind of scare me.

      Anyways, I combined that and thought how might I portray it in a way one might see it in Black Winter. Almost like an ad that only children would see, maybe in their dreams, or while watching tv. Regardless it would entrance them hypnotically.

      Smiles came about because of my fear of clowns and the fact that they always smile which is unnerving to me. How they are supposed to make people smile and not run in terror or punch them in the face out of terror is beyond me…but since that is what they are supposed to portray, why not make one that smiles endlessly?

      If I had the ability to draw halfway decently, I would likely have drawn the image I want for what smiles really looks like but since that wasn’t a skill I was blessed with, I simply used a stock image.

      It gets the point across. Smiles will be returning in future entries…you can be sure of that.

      Thank you again.

      Cheers! ^_^

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  1. So do I have to buy a ticket for the carnival of fun, or can I get a season pass? Perhaps a razor wire wristband?

    Seriously though, another great addition to your dark rantings. Other than the clever twists of phrase, I love that you are taking risks with your writing. A lot of people shy away from this, despite the urge being there. I say, if you have the itch, you should scratch it. There’s a reason those ideas are in your head, get them down. You do it wonderfully.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Razor wire wristbands…not a bad idea. 😉 No worries, if you get a ticket you are lifer of sorts. Xp

      Mm…I appreciate the comments. It means a lot. I know that probably sounds cliche by now, but I mean it. I’m glad you believe I take risks with my writing. As far as the dark nature of the poetry, I’ve never been one to shy away from that. I’ve always been a firm believer that horror is meant to be just that.

      Style choices, I just go with what comes to me or what feels right. It is kind of like the poem writes itself in a lot ways. I’ve got some other things already lined up for later. I don’t know, sometimes they come ahead of time and other times just in the moment. Song Of The Incubus for example was one I had wanted to make ever since Song Of The Succubus but it didn’t feel like the right time until I posted it and the words weren’t all there yet.

      Carnival Of Fun on the other hand kind of just came to me this morning. Thank you again, and I will continue writing as long as I’m allowed days to live. It truly humbles and blows me away people enjoy what I’m writing. It isn’t so much that I doubt my ability to write, but people tend to generally be put off by or at least pretend to be put off by darker themes, more specifically in horror. I could go on for ages about cinema and mediums of storytelling and how often even horror is toned down to appeal to a broader audience.

      I’ve written enough though. Thank you for continuing to read. I’m truly blown away by the reception from you wonderful souls. I’d be writing this even if no one was reading but it is nice to have an audience. I won’t lie. Cheers! ^_^


  2. I read your poem biting my lip like I do when I watch a horror movie that’s gory but strangely satisfying. “Carnival” seems to be a popular word this week. Maybe I should go to one — I hope it will have cool toys like yours does!

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    • Your mind is twisted! I love it! Perhaps the world is trying to tell you go to a carnival. Xp I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I’ll take lip biting as a good sign. I can say I’ve never heard of someone doing that while reading something I write.

      I’ll take it as a compliment. In an effort to go back to sleep a little bit before work today. I must go, however, thank you so much for your kind words and fun thoughts!

      Cheers Rummager! ^_^

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    • Everyone keeps talking about that one, however I’m still on Season 1 and it is making me want to power through and watch all of the ones I can on Netflix just to see this season with the clown, despite the fact clowns scare me! Xp

      So I guess I’ll take that as a compliment since I haven’t seen it and AHS is generally (from what I have seen thus far) pretty good. I have so many other things to watch though. I finally finished season 1 of DareDevil, I still have season 2 but I just started Jessica Jones last night, and that is awesome.

      I have movies I’m watching…then writing, and trying to keep up with reading and commenting back which is becoming trickier the more I blogs I follow. Xp

      Life…Thank you for reading though.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • Definitely a compliment from me, the ultimate AHS fan! I predict it will creep you out and scare you witless. I am not even afraid of clowns and I found it creepy. But I loved Freak Show. When you watch, let me know what you think. My faves were Freak Show and Coven 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve only ever seen season 1 because…life. Xp That being said I have restarted it because it has been forever since I saw Season 1 and since they have the first 4 seasons on NetFlix, I’m hoping by the time I finish those, 5 will be available on NetFlix because 6 is getting ready to come out and they usually release a season behind on NetFlix unless it’s an original series like House of Cards, DareDevil, etc.

        I’ll let you know what I think as I see more seasons though. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SpookyBoo! ^_^

      Clowns terrify me! No doubt about that! I think it odd that people ever thought clowns were supposed to bring smiles to children, or people of any age really.

      I also agree that you never really know what’s behind the mask that is the clowns face.

      Thanks for checking out my writing.

      Cheers! ^_^


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