Entry 66: Mommy

Mommy can we play?

Mommy why can’t we eat?

Mommy I love you!

Mommy do you love me too?

Mommy where are you going?

Why do you run from me?

Have I done something wrong?

Mommy that boy wouldn’t stop messing with me

Dad would have approved.

Dad wasn’t very nice, I had to protect you.

I had to slice him up in his sleep

I did it for you mommy

He was getting between you and me

Just like the other boy we just talked about

He was my brother you say?

He couldn’t be, he was practically smothering you so I smothered him too.

That made him stop constantly crying, keeping us up all night.

Why are you crying mommy?

Did I do something wrong?

I was only trying to keep everyone from stopping all the fun.

Always trying to keep us apart.

Oh, I get it now!

You are just playing a game with me!

No worries, I’m great at hide and seek!

I promise, I will find you soon.

I’ll just follow the sound of your shattered soul.

Then when I find you and win, I will give a very special present to you.

Hint, it is similar to the one I gave Dad

Just before you pulled that gun out and shot me in the head!

That was rude mommy!

No worries I will find you soon…

I love you mommy, I’ll show you very soon!

I’ll cut you free of that wretched body you so love to cling to!



I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “Entry 66: Mommy

      • I thought you said when you write dark it has some sort of a dark humour as well. When I write dark, it is different. It is not intended to cause fear of something or someone you should love because that increases the quantity of irrational fear in the world and we know there is more than enough of that in the world with all the murders whether terrorists or nations, bombings, etc. My writing from a dark place is always to provoke thought although ultimately sometimes it might provoke a sense of foreboding.

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      • I do at times inject a darkened humor into my work. However, that isn’t going to be in every entry. The entire idea behind horror is that it is a portrayal of the horrific.

        If it made you feel good inside, or comfortable, then it wouldn’t be horror. That is my opinion. This is all fiction, none of it adds to any sort of darkness in the world. I’m not running out committing terrorism, or war, or atrocity, or murder for that matter, nor would I ever.

        I of course happily respect your opinion on the subject and am more than happy to read a differing opinion. I’m beyond grateful you have challenged me enough to create an entirely different blog, full of happier things. That is challenging in its own right, but it is something I’m thankful for and embrace.

        I would even go so far as to say by showing the darker side of things, you see life itself is not always happy, nor does it always have a happy ending. I like that you can do what you do when you tackle darker subjects in your writing and poetry. I think that is amazing, and it is a large part of the reason why I follow and read your blog.

        I also believe you have an immense talent and gift, however I am also not you. We aren’t going to write things in the same way. That is the part of the beauty of the world. I’m always open to challenging myself in different ways writing wise, but that does not mean I will abandon what I write or the style in which I write.

        I appreciate the honest feedback though and love your work.

        Cheers! ^_^

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      • Yes, we all write differently. I love your more sunny work and have liked a few of your other entries too but as I might have mentioned before I have left behind the stage of the thrill of pure horror. You do write well about it though. Cheers

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      • I very much remember you saying you left pure horror in the past. I respect and appreciate that. Also the other blog will continue and if you prefer the sunnier side of my writing, you will see plenty of it there in time, I assure you! 🙂

        I know it has only just begun, but I already have series in mind I’m going to be writing before long there. I won’t say it will never get dark, but it won’t be horror dark. Xp In fact that blog is aimed to be horror free. The only darkness that will be there is the struggle between good and evil. ^_^

        I truly appreciate your kind words both about my pure horror as well as the sunnier side of things (my other blog, which you inspired so thank you for that).

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  1. I can feel you, if this be autobiographical. I can relate so well and your words are my own. The magic of poetry to transform me, connect me to the author, I live for that passionate intermingle with another. I enjoy your poems also. Well written, poignant, and eternal. Thanks for sharing. I needed to connect today.

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    • In this case, this poem is not autobiographical but I’m sorry if you didn’t have the greatest upbringing. I have a close friend though who did deal with a ton of abuse growing up and in some ways that has served as at least semi inspiration for this poem.

      That being said, they didn’t murder their parents or sibling. The anger and frustration though was very much the same. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your kind words. ^_^

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  2. ….he was practically smothering you so I smothered him too.

    Lol! I LOVED the dark humor here. I could not stop cringing and laughing at the same time. I know it’s a free country to voice your opinions, but if someone does not enjoy a particular literary piece, then DO NOT READ IT! Easy peasy!! Why should anyone feel the need to dictate how someone writes? Unbelievable.

    Continue doing your great work, and your name is Sinister Dark Soul, right? Um, makes sense to me, baby!

    I ❤ your dark work Sin.

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    • I appreciate your appreciation for the darkness in my work Rummager. I always look forward to your comments, and I’m sure you realize I love how dark your works are too. I think you a much better job of being succinct though. Xp

      Everyone is free to state their opinion & I appreciate and respect everyone’s opinions. Another beauty of the world if you get me. I would find the world dreadfully boring if we all just agreed!

      Rest assured the blog will always remain what it is. Actually, it is stupid early right now and I just woke up. I am a tad paranoid due to recent events, and so I will likely be working on another entry soon rather than sleeping just yet.

      Thank you for the kind words soul. I am grateful as always that you enjoy what I write.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • Wait. Why are you feeling paranoid? I hope it isn’t because of what transpired as a result of this poem. I apologize if I said something that may have made you feel uncomfortable.

        Never feel you need to make excuses for your art, okay?

        If you would like to address anything, please email me at yayrperez@yahoo.com

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      • I seem to have a way of presenting things in misunderstanding that is now bleeding into today. Nah, it had nothing to do with the poetry or anything that transpired from that or the comments therein.

        It is just early in the morning and as I’ve noted in another place, I always get paranoid around this time. Recent trauma and all that. I will of course note down your email and I appreciate your concern.

        Cheers! ^_^

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  3. I completely agree that everyone should be free to voice their opinions, BUT everyone should also be free to write the way they would like without anyone shaming them.

    That’s all I’m going to say about that, and I’m happy you weren’t bullied into changing your style.


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