Entry 65: A Beautiful View

I look around

Everything is so blue

A beautiful view, it is true

I suppose I should be thankful

This is how it ends

A view from inside such a beautiful lake

Air disappearing, brain slowly fading away

They say, death is painful

I say, this is rather beautiful

I really can’t help but love this view

Something few ever see, an experience all for me

Such a shame though, to bad he is going to get away

After all, I just wanted him to be mine

I thought if we both died, we’d be together forever

Shame he got away for sure, but at least I have this view


No worries though, I will kill him soon

We will be together forever, even if I have to drag him to the depths as a ghost…

…For now though, I’ll just enjoy the beautiful view…

-A Beautiful View-


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