Entry 62: The Mad Writers Journal #2: They Speak Of Suffering





We are the voices in his head

We speak to him of the dead

Telling him of other twisted realities 

Of the things we wish to speak

Every second of every day

They are always chattering away

They tell me so many things

They speak of murders, long lost loves

Sometimes I wish I could just give them a hug

Other times they torture me

Refusing to let me be

Until I write down their pain

It comes across quite often as twisted verse

Let me assure you most of it’s them

Needing to tell you what they think

Pushing me to the brink

Rarely letting me get any sleep!

We are the voices in his soul

Quite often making him lose control

We bang on the doors from other realities

Compelling him to tell our twisted tales

I wonder half the time

Am I just losing my mind?!

Why the hell would you compell me

To write your living hell?!

Quite often people read

They probably think I’m crazy

I write  every poem, every rhyme

All the pain like I’m the one twisted inside

Ironically, I never feel more alive

Than when I’m weaving nightmares & twisted dreams

Telling people about their pain

Their twisted suffering!

We are the voices, we take control

We compell him to speak the madness we reap!

Toying with his mind

Making him feel our plight

We need to be heard, each and every verse

Do you know what it’s like while they crawl inside your mind?!

There is no line, they just bang away

Till one of them gets through, tells me what to say

Claiming they want the world to understand their pain!

Why didn’t you let us in?

Shall we begin?



We are the voices from within

Telling him our sins

Compelling him madly to write what we speak.

She speaks, I’ve come with good news

So sit back, relax your mind

I’m here now so they will all go away

Let go of all their pain

Listen to me and relax your brain

I’ll take over, it’ll be fine

Together we will make sense 

Of all their mad ramblings!

She speaks, telling our twisted realities

Granting him some peace

Telling you all of our sufferings

So shall we begin?

Dear reader I think you should know

Black Winters denizens only want to bare their souls

Showing you another world, parallel to your own

A twisted reality all its own

Have you ever wanted to be heard?

I know , it sounds absurd!

Were you not glad when someone let you lose control

Let it all go?

If I promised to hear all you needed to speak

A promise kept eternally

Would you not tell me all?

Release the burdens on your soul?

Gain blissful peace?

We are the voices in your head

We give you inspiration

We come from other realities

Through every writer we speak

Will you read the tales we bring?

-The Mad Writers Journal #2: They Speak Of Suffering-








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