Entry 59: SinisterStoryTime #4: Death Waits Behind Your Closet Door

Hello again my little devils

I have something very special for you today

A story without Sinister I am afraid

He is presently checked out


No worries though he will be fine

This time we are doing story time right

It will be poetry, none of those needless paragraphs

Without further adieu

Allow me to present to you a tale quite well known or alluded to

We begin the story with a little boy

All happy and filled with joy

Living with a single Mom who he loved more than anyone

You see they just moved into this new house

Funny thing no doubt, the very first night the boy heard a sound

It was a growling, low and disturbed

The red eyes that peered from the closet though were the worst

The little boy screamed for his Mom

However when she checked everything she assured the boy nothing was wrong

The night went on and the boy finally fell asleep but then he had very bad dreams

He awoke just before daylight to hear the same disturbing sound

Scared he tried to call out for his Mom.

She awoke in a haze but found no reason for the boy to be afraid

The next night, the boy went to bed

The sound of thumping arose, was it all in his head?

Rolling over he soon saw

The closet door banging before opening at a crawl

The red eyes peered at him again

A sinister laughter echoed from within

The boy kicked and screamed & his Mom came rushing in

Ultimately though, she found nothing

Upset and wanting to get some real sleep, she said tonight you can sleep with me son

I assure you that you will be fine

Nothing can get you so long as I am alive

These are words she would later regret


The night went on and they both slept

It was the most peaceful night the boy had ever had

The next night the boy wanted to sleep with his Mother again

She allowed it as a way to reassure him it was okay

Though there was one stipulation that would get in the way

Tonight we will sleep together in your room

The boy was hesitant to be sure


He knew he would be safe because after all

His Mother would be there to protect him

The night started like any other, the two quickly fell asleep

Everything was quiet, not even a peep

Late that night though everything changed




The boy wanted to run and scream but couldn’t as he watched

His Mom’s body lifelessly dragged into the dark void

The closet where evil loomed, the worst part

He knew it would eat him soon!

The boy tried to run but unfortunately he could not get away

Running into his Mother’s room he thought he would be safe

Too bad for him something else laid in wait

Something even darker stood in dear Mother’s closet

The boy saw it and was going to let out a scream

It was to late though

Before he could utter a sound

It was over



A third thing now came out

Collecting the boys remains

This is how it would end

A boy and his Mother never to be found again.

I suppose that is how it went from your side souls

Something you need to understand

If you are a parent and your kid tells you somethings wrong

Don’t ignore it and act like it is nothing.

The things came through their closet sure…

However they reside in Black Winter to this night

Traveling to your reality and others as well

Coming through closets

Always on the hunt for another kill!

So you see the next time you get a new place

Just remember Black Winter isn’t as far away as you might think

Have a lovely day or night my friends

Sinister will be back soon

Thank you for listening

-SinisterStoryTime #4- Death Waits Behind Your Closet Door-


2 thoughts on “Entry 59: SinisterStoryTime #4: Death Waits Behind Your Closet Door

  1. Brilliant and terrifying, as always! Sinister, I’m sorry I haven’t been around, I just started a new job and it is sucking my brain out! Your stuff rocks – love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m going to let you in on a secret. You don’t need to apologize for not being around. The blog will still be here if and when you choose to read it. I love and appreciate everyone who reads, likes, comments or any mix therein.

      The thing is though, no one owes me their time. I’m not entitled to someone reading what I write. I will write regardless. Xp So chill, I get that. I balance work, parenting, life, all that fun stuff with the blog, Twitter, YT and everything else.

      Starting a new job can be an extremely trying and tough time. I’m glad you have work though. That is awesome!

      No worries, I guarantee you won’t find this blog vanishing. It will be here. So relax and thank you very much for your time you have spent and continue spending reading my blog. It means a lot.

      You rock as well! So does your writing.

      Cheers! ^_^

      P.S.- If ever I stop posting, that may mean I’ve been taken to Black Winter as well. Quite the chilling thought. šŸ˜‰


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