Entry 58: Within Hotel Sin #1: Suicidal Lily

Listen to the words on my lips

I was once someone who would sway my hips

Dance for strangers all night long

Slapping my ass as they played a song

The sick, the lonely, those who didn’t have any respect

I served them all, begging for reprieve

My drug addled mind the only escape

All the misery and the pain

My sorrow had no end

So one night I took life and then death into my own hands

With a simple slit, that was it…

Or so I thought

I awoke in a town devoid of light

My sorrows put on display for all to see

A voice calls from a mic

Welcome One & All To a beautiful tragedy

Someone in misery she thought she would take her life

Escape the pain, be free from it all

Little did she know, she would awaken as the newest resident of Hotel Sin

With a dance she will entrance all who see

Slowly inspiring the same tragedy

Arousing in you your greatest sin

Please get ready to cheer for Suicidal Lily!

All at once they cheered

Suddenly I was on stage

Ironically I began to dance

As I did they all fell into a trance

All at once they were ensnared

Inspired by my grief

I felt powerful until…

I saw him standing in the back

A Devil all in black

Sick, twisted smile on his face

He lit a cigarette and watched

All at once came a scream

In unison the pain came to me

Looking down I now could see

The entire audience save for he…

They had committed suicide because of me!

The smile grew on the Devil’s face

Well done kid he said as he gazed upon all the dead

A voice came over the mic

Suicidal Lily so well done!

I’m happy to say your dance was positively deadly!

Go backstage and go get dressed, the next show starts soon you know…

It was then the mic cut off and I realized the irony of it all

I chose death, an easy way out

Now Suicide was what I will forever be about

The next show starts soon…

I suppose I should get ready to inspire death in the next group…

-Within Hotel Sin #1: Suicidal Lily-

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