Entry 57: Sweet Meat

Oh hello good sir

How are you doing today

I hope you don’t mind

I have something to say

I’ve been watching you from afar

I love the way you look

If I’m honest I think I may have a thing for you

Forgive me…I’m a bit shy

What is that? You don’t mind?

Aww, you are so sweet

I wish I had a guy like you

So strong, so perfect in every way

Someone who could protect me from every dark thing in this town

All the madness and suffering that can be found.

Oh my, do you mind?

I don’t know why but I’m feeling comfortable now that we have talked

Can I make another confession?

Shy though I may be, I really love the taste of meat

I love lollipops too

Some might call me carnivorous because I have a hidden desire

I really like to take my meat all in

I like it long…hard…and well if we are being frank

I like to choke on it…just a bit

You don’t mind?

You say you have the perfect thing?

Well, if you insist, shall we go somewhere more private?

Now that I have you alone I want you to enjoy the show

Relax handsome I know a thing or two


Step 1: Let me pull it out for you

Step 2: Let me stroke it slowly and get the blood flowing

Step 3: I drop to my knees

Step 4: Remain standing I want to feel like your whore

Step 5: I slowly kiss it

Step 6: Now I start to lick it up and down

Step 7: Grab me by the hair and force me to take it all in

*Slurping, choking, her head going back and forth until she takes it back in her hand*

*Slowly now she pulls it back out*

As I lick it now, I must say Mmm…you taste so perfect

You are my God and I’m just your lowly bitch!

Does it turn you on when I talk down to myself?

After all that is what I am right?

You are a married man, though you hid your ring.

You quite often do this kind of thing.

Calm yourself, I won’t tell

It will be our little secret baby

I can imagine all the things she would say

If she realized you want me and not her

Is she beautiful your wife?

Oh, just a slut in the kitchen to you is she?

You bang her and tell her horrid things

Then when you are through you tell her to get in the kitchen

Is that true?

Wow, you are harder than ever!

I love to take you in

When we are through I’ll make a sandwich you will not soon forget

For now let’s forget your wife shall we?

Step 8: I feed my need to taste you again

Step 9: I go until I’m about to choke

Step 10: You are about to explode


Step 12: I bathe in your waterfall of blood as you fall onto the Motel bed

Oh my, what is that?

Do you still want that sandwich?

Ironically, I have plenty of meat.

I imagine a mysoginistic and cheating piece of shit like you though

Probably wouldn’t like it.

You should have treated better your wife

Maybe not wasted your life

Treating such a beautiful soul, like she is nothing

You see I saw a picture of your wife

I pulled it out your wallet you didn’t even realize I stole

I guess I’m not just some common whore after all

Well, I’m going to make a meat sandwich just for me

I think your blood would make a perfect topping

It has been fun

Goodbye forever you vile piece of shit

Oh…and thank you for the meat and condiments

I’ve been craving a good sandwich

-Sweet Meat-









10 thoughts on “Entry 57: Sweet Meat

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, I write a lot of dark stuff so every now and then I like to mix in some humor (even if morbid, my favorite type) to lighten up the darkness in an odd sort of way.

      I woke up at 4am and started typing away. Oddly enough, deciding on the title is what took me the longest. Xp

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I like meat too, very much…but in a less murderous way. Well, actually I don’t like to kill my meat at all. I do play with it….and maybe sometimes eat it. 😉 🙂 This is my new favorite post! haha!! Your writing is great. Really enjoying it.

    Liked by 1 person

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