Entry 56: Gallery Of Death & Pain

Run run run as fast as you can

I come for you

We all know how this will end

Your Blood/My Art

Splattered for all to see

This park just happens to be the perfect scene

Allow me to sing about all the wonderful things we will do tonight…

First you’ll run like a little gazelle

Hoping to escape the fate we both know is coming

You’ll scream, hoping someone will do something

However we both know the hour is late

No is coming to save you

Like a lion consuming a lamb

The old dark wolf, hiding among the sheep

Pick any analogy it all ends in your misery

See when inevitably you tire I will come like fire consuming you in flame

The flame you’ll see ironically, is a cold one made of steel

You will feel it as it pierces you, just like something else I’m going to do

Shh…wouldn’t want to give that part of the surprise away

So run run run as fast as you can

There is no escape from me and the pure ecstasy of pain in our fun little game

Soon you see the world will witness a tragedy


Yes run little lamb

I am the wolf hungry as ever and far more clever than you could ever be!

Your death is going to be like the most beautiful poetry

Writ in blood my new found love

You will see…

You will be my most beautiful piece!

You tire/The fire grows within

You stumble and you fall/Exhaustion will be your downfall

I come upon you/There is nothing you can do!

Such a beautiful truth, shall we begin?

Stabbing death and pain, over and over again


I watch as your beautiful life drains out before my eyes

Now the real fun begins

I’ll take you home, stitch you a new face

Then you will taste my sweet embrace as we make

A most beautiful scene, just you and me

In between the sheets we will find new pleasures and pains

When we’re through you will hang in a room

A gallery of the other dead

You will sit on display, in a museum of perfect pain

I will shower you with praise


…well…at least until I start the game again

The hunt for my next victim…

Then you will just be a so so piece in my gallery of death

Oh well…such is the way of art

-Gallery Of Death & Pain-


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