Q&A #2

Hello Humanity.

Where are you?

Checked the news lately?

You are making things so easy on me.

Too easy…friends.

You know, I used to think Black Winter was a fucked up place.

That says a lot coming from me.

*Lights cigarette*

*Inhales, then blows out slowly*

I travel from place to place, reality to reality…

I used to have to work, barter for souls.

It used to be somewhat of a challenge.

Look at you now though…

You are just giving yourselves to me in the masses.


The best part, you are too busy fighting one another to notice.

All your religions, ideologies, freedoms, your color…none of this matters.

I don’t care about any of that.  I will take your soul regardless.

You all are doing the busy work for me. All you do is fight.

Your media feeds on that and uses it against you for ratings and money.

They pit you against each other in the false name of giving you the truth.

I was right. Humans as a whole are stupid…so beautifully blind and self centered.

Soon, you are going to wipe one another from this earth.

Then you may find yourself here…or worse.

I see glimpses of hope for you.  Campaigns like Poets For Peace.

That is noble, but silly and useless from where I sit.

You will be drowned out by people’s inability to see beyond themselves.

They will fight, and likely they will ignore you.

Did that hurt you? I promise, it isn’t personal.

I told you that you were noble in your cause but I have seen humanity.

I know what will happen. I’m simply stating you won’t change the world.

No world will be changed. Prove me wrong, I’d love to see that.

Make this a challenge for me!

As it stands now…you all are living on borrowed time.

The cold truth of it all being, you all will be your own end.

I’ll sit back and reap the rewards souls.

I’ve talked enough so on to the question.

Can Humanity Be Saved?

Now then, I want to make myself very clear here.

Give me a valid reason to believe you.

No simple yes or no will suffice.

I want an honest discussion souls!

I look forward to hearing from you.

One last thing, it seems Sinister would like me to say these are my own thoughts. 

It seems he actually believes in causes like Poets For Peace.

Foolish like the rest of you.



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