Entry 55: I’m Already Twisting Your Soul

I am what you fear at night

I am what you see out of the corner of your eye

I am the darkness hiding deep down inside your mind

I make you think about the dark things

Constantly bring about pain and suffering

I make you do those things you think aren’t like you

The dark nasty things you swear you would never do

I am the pleasure you feel as you fantasize

All about the dark things you want to do

To the beautiful young woman in the cubicle across from you

I am the one who makes you make what you claim is a mistake young ladies

When you have one more drink at that bar and go home with that guy

Doing so many dirty filthy things with him all night

I am the voice that tells you it felt so good as you rode his hard dick in a drunken blur

I am the one who tells you good sir, that you are in the right for fucking her!

I fill your head with so many wonderful thoughts

I am everything you could ever want

I am the one who gave you the thought

Told you it would be okay

The world wouldn’t miss this guy

When you felt that regret deep inside

Saying to yourself he took advantage of you

I am the one who said he needs to be punished

It is something you must do

Give into that urge and while he sleeps

Chop him into pieces and bury him far from the world to see

There are plenty of woods that will hide that dead body

Here in Black Winter, this town full of lies

What is one more missing person to you?

This town is full of liars and murderers

It is all the same

The worst that could happen is they figure out what you did

Then you get the fame you always dreamt of

I am the one telling you right now as you read this

That you shouldn’t be so quick to judge

Whatever sick, fucked up things you have done

I’m the one that tells you that it was fun

You see I’m already deep inside of you as you read

I’m far beyond what you believe to be a fictional town safe from your reach

I’m the seed already planted inside your mind

Your deepest desires inside your soul

I’ll use my beautifully twisted words to make reality

All those things you have been told

No, you shouldn’t do,

But, come on…

You know you want to

-I’m Already Twisting Your Soul-

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