Entry 54: The Mad Writers Journal #1: Say Hello To The Madness Within

Do you understand madness?

Do you understand pain?

Do you understand the unending need

The clawing at ones soul?

That incessant whispering in your ear?

I hear them every waking second

I hear them in my dreams

I quite often hear them constantly saying so many things

It is maddening, it is quite often what brings insomnia my way

Do you truly understand what I say?

They never stop talking!

The voices in my head

I write their needs

I write what they plead

I don’t plan any of it out

They tell me everything I need to know

They tell me trust them

People will come

They will read the madness in your words

They will feel the insanity gripping at your mind

People love good madness they say

They love a great story

They claim to love the happy ending


Quite often you see


Some dark part of them

Loves the guts, loves the gore

Loves it when it ends so bleak

So they tell me

I ask them to give me a break

I promise I’ll tell as many of their stories as I can

I just need one day with which not to write

One night of peaceful rest

NO! They say…

I feel them in my soul

Surrounding me like a swarm

Telling me their maddening crimes

The sins of their past

Those they left behind

Every time I think to stop

I hear them there

Keep writing they say

Tell our stories and let the world see and judge us for what we are

What we have become

So I write, write and write some more

Every post I make

They whisper in my ear


Now write some more

The times are far worse when the voices do fall silent

It is then my muse (or so she calls herself) begins to speak

Oh the things she tells me are far worse

Far more violent

Simultaneously she will tell me the worst most vile filth!

Then in the same sentence she speaks pure bliss

In some sick, twisted way I find myself bound to her and her to me

She is telling me to say nothing more of her for the time being

Claiming the world is not ready to hear her story

So it is I must end this poem

Eternally writing the stories of others

Never truly alone

Now that you have had a mere glimpse of the madness within

Do you really still want to know more?

More about me, more about them, more about the one

The maker of nightmares

Sweeter than the sweetest sins

My muse?

-The Mad Writers Journal: #1: Say Hello To The Madness Within-


12 thoughts on “Entry 54: The Mad Writers Journal #1: Say Hello To The Madness Within

    • Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to read and comment. I’m always grateful to hear from another soul. I’m actually enjoying what little I have been reading of your blog thus far and will in the future be reading more.

      Have an amazing day!

      Cheers! ^_^

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  1. The muse is present. This is good. Everyone’s muse is a little different. Stephen King said his muse is a man smoking a cigar. Mine is faceless. It shifts appearance and influence as the gears grind in my mind. Good luck working with yours! Keep writing. I love the feel of your work.

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    • Thank you. Yes, she is definitely there. Always. Despite the madness within the words, we are bound together. I took from personal haunts and horrors for this one. It is more personal than I generally draw from when writing.

      Thank you for taking the time to read. I love to hear about other writers muses. Stephen King is one of my favorite writers. šŸ™‚ I like that yours is faceless, every changing and evolving with your mind. Thank you for sharing. No worries, I will continue to write. As long as I have breath in my lungs, and life to write, I will write.

      Cheers! ^_^

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  2. Your poetry is hypnotic. I enjoy them so much. Forgive me, but ‘m wondering why you don’t give your amazing creations titles? It’s difficult to back track and re-read my favorite of your poems when the titles are numbers.

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    • Nothing to be forgiven for. I suppose it is a style thing, but usually I put the title at the bottom of the poem itself. You have opened my eyes to a very valid point.

      Quite often I don’t have a title figured out till the end so that is why it is usually in between dashes at the bottom. That being said, I may if I choose to continue to use Entry #’s just put Entry #: (Insert Title here) from this point forward. I will even try and fix that within previous entries.

      Thank you for your input, and for inspiring the idea. I appreciate the feedback. I had not even thought of it that way before. Also thank you so much for all your reading and comments, and I appreciate you find my poetry “hypnotic”.

      It means a lot!

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • That would be so helpful! Thank you for that. There was a poem I wanted to re-read and post on SlasherMonster if you would allow it, and now, it would make things easier if it had a title. Thanks again!!

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      • No, very much thank you! I think part of the reason it wasn’t listed that way is some of the entry’s aren’t poetry and in the beginning I didn’t expect things to evolve into dark poetry to tell a story.

        At any rate, thank you so much! I am actually going through right now and titling almost everything. So I should be done soon enough. Yes, you may post the poem you have in mind, where you would like. Just give me a bit longer to get everything titled.

        Thank you!

        Cheers! ^_^

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      • I’ll contact you soon about the poem, and it will take at least a month to post on SlasherMonster. I’ll let you know when. I appreciate you adding titles on the top; that does help so much šŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, looking at it now, I think your suggestions has actually made a vast improvement to the blog. I appreciate it so much more than you know!

        I was going through putting titles in and I realized it also helps me keep track of entries where I am planning multiples in a series. I had more than I remembered. Xp

        Okay, and that is fine. It can take as long as it needs to be posted. I am humbled you would even consider it.

        Cheers! ^_^

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