Quote Challenge Day 3

“Game Over.”


As Billy in the image that shows up if you are reading this from your reader so aptly shows I am going to be taking a quote from Jigsaw of the SAW universe. I’m quite sure by now many if not all of you know about SAW and you might be wondering why I would use this quote for day 3 (The Final Day) of this challenge? Well kind soul, allow me a chance to tell you why. (I promise, this one isn’t preachy). πŸ˜‰

The above quote holds a very close place to my heart because without this franchise, or that line, my life would have been completely different. Ironically SAW is the reason I have my beautiful wife and the reason my 3 year old boy exists. I’ve always been a horror fan. It is my favorite genre in any medium of storytelling. I grew up watching horror movies from a very young age (thanks in large part to my aunt). The first time I watched the masterpiece of horror that was the very 1st SAW film, I fell in love with the franchise.

While in my opinion the 1st movie is easily the best, and I enjoyed 2 and 3 but didn’t care for most of the rest of them outside of them being fun, as a whole I enjoy the franchise. Since seeing this film I became a very big fan of James Wan who I have now watched over the years go from Indie horror directing genius to A list director Magnificense. He deserves all the credit he gets for his movies. If it was not for him, and Leigh Whannell (Sp?) my wife and I never would have met and I wouldn’t have had my son.

I remember watching the ending of SAW the first time and when *Major Spoilers* Jigsaw gets up from the middle of the floor to reveal it has been him the whole time, that moment all the way till he shuts off the lights and slams the door closed on Adam, I was so in love with the film, I had to watch it again right there. I love the irony that came with the fact a horror movie could lead to something so wonderful and change my life forever.

I know I’m rambling but you should know my wife and I met on a SAW fan site & message board that is no longer around. We never would have if it had not been for the creative team and passion put into these films. I’ve told James since how thankful I am for the franchise but I wanted to say it again here (Yes, I’m aware he isn’t on WordPress) thank you from the bottom of my soul. In your own unintended and twisted way, you changed my life permanently and you brought me happiness such as I have never had before. I thank you and the entire team good sir, as I have the most amazing woman in the world and an adorable lil dude because of you.

Cheers! ^_^


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