Entry 53: Victims Of The Night #1: Twisted Lips & Sweet Pleasure

I’ve seen her in my dreams

She stalks me silently

Engaging me all night

Bringing me pleasures as I sleep

Pain as I awake realizing

She isn’t there

That blonde haired, blue eyed vixen

She truly has me smitten

I know she isn’t good

She is slowly killing me inside

However I can’t hide my attraction to her

She rides me just right

Whisper into my ear

Everything I want to hear

How could I say no to her?

She tells me it will be okay

We will be together soon

Away from all the struggles of life

Away from the responsibility of watching over my wife and child

Away from the daily grind

She tells me lies

Says these things hold me down

I know better but inside I believe her


She is my drug

She is my release from pain

She is pure pleasure

She is everything

Between sweat stained sheets

We greet one another night after night

Our secret place

Hidden in dreams

No one will see my sin

I worship her perfect body

I call her my God

I know better than this

I go to church

I have a family

I feel so perfect in her arms

I grope her beautiful ass

I try to focus on my morals

I can’t, I’m slowly dying

I feel her feeding on my soul

She tells me tonight is the night

She says we will be together forever

Lets meet in our place in your mind

We will leave all your problems behind

It will be me and you forever baby

You will see

It is going to be perfect ecstasy.

I’ve lost all control now

I will go

I will give her what is left of my soul

Before it happens though

I must confess, give you warning

Beware of demons of the night

The ones that prey on your pleasures

Your sins

If you do not take heed…

Slowly your soul will bleed

Consumed like mine

Temporary ecstasy in trade

For an eternity of torment


You will be just another victim of the night

-Victims Of The Night: #1: Twisted Lips & Sweet Pleasure-



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