Quote Challenge Day 2

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


The quote above means quite a bit to me. It is something (stolen or not) I really take pride in. I have many reasons for this. One being the obvious, which is the men and women who serve everyday to keep us safe. I’m not just talking about soldiers, I’m also talking about anyone who serves their country be they armed forces (thank you for your service) or our EMT’s, fire fighters, dare I say our police men and women who every single day go out and save lives at the risk of their own.

All the mentioned above deserve way more gratitude than they will ever get. How often do you think about those who serve overseas and truly appreciate them? This goes doubly so if you don’t have a family member serving. This isn’t meant to shame or intimidate anyone, I don’t expect you to go into the comments and confess anything, I’m simply wishing for you to really examine and be honest with yourself about this. Is it just during certain holidays you think of them, (if then)? How about our men and women in blue? Are you saying thank you to them, or at the very least being respectful to them?

Perhaps you are out there blaming all of them for a few bad apples problems? We as a nation now, more than ever should take heed to the above lest the below become true.

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

The next time you see someone in uniform please thank them. We as a nation need to come together. We need to stop fighting one another. Do you understand how dumb it is to hate someone because of the pigmentation of their skin? Do you realize not every cop is evil, or racist? Do you realize this generation did not enslave you? Stop blaming one another for past generations sins. Where are the solutions to all the fighting? Where are the people who genuinely care about one another regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual identity, who you sleep with or fall in love with, your nationality, etc.? Don’t claim to care about someone if you are just using them and their plight for your own personal or political agenda.

Now more than ever we need to come together. ISIS and many others out there who hate America, are laughing and fueling the hatred growing and festering in the states. People are blind to this because they are too busy fighting one another. Let us come together now and stand against hatred in all forms, before it is too late. Apologies if they was too preachy but I thought I would share why I care about this nation and those in it so much through the quotes above.

Thank you for your time and have an amazing weekend.

Cheers! ^_^


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