Entry 51: Black Winter Radio News: Update 3

<Radio crackles in>

Breaking News!

2 more victims were found today in Black Winter of what many have dubbed The Ghost. The killer of course already has murdered 12. It also appears a detective and the chief of police are now missing, having never reported back in after going after a lead.

The victims names:

Sara BlackWell (32)


Emily Winters (9)

Sara was found in a shallow grave and was believed to have been the originator of the dot code, while Emily was found in a church. Lucy Wells is still at large, and no body has been found as of yet. She is the only remaining known missing person in connection with the case outside of a detective and the police chief himself. 

The case was broke open when a tipster broke the code and told all. The whereabouts of said tipster are unknown at this time as is how they broke the code.

Quoted one officer Higgins: “Yeah, this crazy old nut came up and told us everything and then left without sticking around to see if we had any other questions. The moment she left the station, she simply vanished!”

We will keep you up to date on the latest as we le-

<Radio Cuts out>

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