Entry 48: Sin & Consequence

If I told you I could absolve you of sin

That I could set you on the right path again

Would you believe me?

If I heard your confession

Told you to say your hailmarys and you are forgiven

Would you be thankful?

Say I heard you say that you murdered someone today

Do you think I would keep it a secret?

There is so much filth and sin I think it likely you would never tell me

Instead, you would likely continue to ruminate in your sins

Enjoying your pleasures, swearing you are more powerful than God

Assuming you believe in some great deity…

Excuse me now, I must confess to something of my own

I served my God for so long and yet here I am

He cast me in this cess pit of sin

I swore my life to him

Gave up all things fleshly and sin

I repented of all my past wrongs

I was bathed in the spirit of God

I became a priest

Yet this is what he has done to me?

If you hear my confession could you point me in the direction

Of someone more deserving than me?

Why am I here and not in heaven?


An organ begins to play…In its notes there are whispers, perhaps a demon?

Priest, if you would please

You are so full of shit!

You are a liar!

Masquerading as a man of faith

You claim to be wronged by God

Like you have somehow been robbed

I think we both know, why you sit here and not behind those pearly gates

SILENCE! Listen here demon

I will not tolerate your lies,

Your slanderous cries


I am a man of God

I have done no wrong

In which to deserve this fate!


My voice is vicious 

I bathe in Sin

I love fear, lies, hate

I laugh when people are dealt a shit fate!

Still…listen closely…

I know and love what I am…

I don’t sit and cry wondering why I’m not in heaven

All the while ignoring my sin

Like young Kara, who you fucked

In the very waters you claim redeemed you to your Heavenly Father!

No! Lies! I never desecrated this most sacred place!

I would never do something so unholy

In a place of power, a place of peace…A pl-


You loved the feel of committing such a deadly sin

The rush you felt to then claim you were a holy man!

Oh what a beautiful farce!

SHUT UP! I’m sick of your lies!

You loved her cries, her screams of ecstasy!

No! I-

Placed your faith between her knees

Howling as she screamed in pleasure

A bliss beyond measure!

I pray in the lords name please banish this foul demon from

This holy place, rid this man who abuses his power

This waste of faith
I pray for faith

Send him straight to hell!
I need your strength!

Please God end his suffering
Please God end my suffering

Rid the world of this evil!
Rid the world of this evil!

Kill this false prophet where he stands!
Kill this demon where he stands!

In Jesus name I pray (hiss!) AMEN!
In Jesus name I pray AMEN!

Silence…all music stops…is the demon gone?

A new voice, so charismatic and smooth now echoes through the room…

Oh priest…please he heard not your words

How do you expect to be redeemed or show you even deserve this 2nd chance

When you can’t even be honest about what you have done?

I know your sin runs much deeper than this

Despite my overzealous servants hate

He isn’t wrong, you are a flawed man who presently is being given a better fate

A chance you don’t deserve

But don’t worry…I’ll wait…

Soon you will be home

A place quite warm

I assure you there is plenty of room

For sinners like you…

A twisted smile appears on this mans face, His black stained teeth tell the priest everything…

Why God? Why have you forsaken me?

I’m sorry for any wrong I have done but these are lies at best!

The man in black lights a cigarette…

Please! I am on my knees, begging you for reprieve!

A great irony indeed…

God, get rid of this man in black

I banish you back to Hell!

I invoke Christs name!

I expel you from this holy place



You can’t invoke power in a holy place when you sin day after day

I think your prayer might have tickled a bit but I’m not quite sure you understand

Just who you are dealing with.

Know this Harlocke, listen well, I have witnessed all I need to see…

It won’t be today

You won’t know the hour


Someday soon, I will come back for you!

When next we meet, your soul will be my meat!

Until then I say goodbye, rest well on your pillow of lies

Listen to the sweet serenade of the clock

Counting down the days till your eternity of pain!

The man in black disappears leaving the priest in silence…

The priest too terrified to speak, listens as those departing words resonate in his mind…

Fear grips him as he knows inside…

The man in black was right…he’d been lying this entire time…

-Sin & Consequence-




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