Entry 47: Thoughts Of Night Watchman 12: #1

It starts as a flickering of the lights

Then the rattling of the pans in the rack

A cabinet door briefly swung open

Did I leave that open

I’m not sure

Late at night

What’s that sound?

Come now imagination

Don’t run wild now

I’ve only just started my shift

I have a long night ahead.

They say this mansion is wrought

Full of things that will leave a soul distraught

Sometimes the owner will ask me to do odd things

Take out the trash

But what is in these bags?

There is so much red goo

Things drip and they ooze

Oh well, best not to ask questions

Best to leave well enough alone

I’m being paid $20hr

Getting full time



Best not to ask any questions

Just do my job and get through each night

Wait until I see the distant light of the sun

Rising up into the sky

Then I’m free

Until it sets and it begins again

Never seen the master of this manor

Wonder why?

Only ever leaves notes, and a comprehensive list

Of all the things I need to do before the night is through

Best to keep to myself

Lest I lose my job like everyone else

Fired I hear they were

A few quit

Strange though no one ever had contact with them when they were through

They all did the same job I do

So what happened when they were fired or quit?

Never mind,

It is best I just forget…

-Thoughts Of Night Watchman 12: #1-


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