Entry 44: They Call Him Insane

Blood! Guts!

It’s all so beautiful

Watching your life drain from your body

It excites me!

What is that I hear?

The cops are coming

No doubt there have been reports of the cries of pain

That resonated from these walls

You, your lifeless body

Why would you give me away?

Really, was it that much pain?

You see, cause to me…

It was pure ecstasy!

The way your flesh split

As surgically I cut into it

Acute precision was my style

You screamed all the while

Alerting passersby

Why oh why

Did you not keep your pain internal?

Maybe let out a quiet shriek

So as not to let everyone know

About our pleasurable time

Now here they come

As though I have committed a crime

When clearly I have set you free

From the prison you called your body!

Alas my ritual is complete

Please don’t say anything

I’m going to leave your body here

Swinging from the meat hook

While I go, before there is too much trouble

I bid you adieu sir

Thank you

Our time together was fun

Sadly I must run!

-They Call Him Insane-



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