Entry 43: It Lurks In The Shadows

I am the silence in your screams

The desperation in your breath

Silenty stalking you from shadows

I am what you dread!

When you look in the mirror I am the thing in the corner

When you die I am there with the coroner

Always silently watching

Constantly waiting for my chance

I am the thing you dream

I haunt you completely

In the deepest recesses of your mind

I sit whispering sweet nothings

Now you feel it you are going mad

I’m smiling with glee

I can taste your dread!

I drink your suffering!

When it all ends I will consume your soul

Another poor fool who lost control

I am madness

I am death

I am everything you fight off

I read your very thoughts

So cue the guitar

Let the violin unleash


I am the demon who whispers in your ear

I am the thing that tells you it will all be okay

Go ahead and end it today

I am the long journey you face everyday

Just trying to find a way

Every light you potentially see

Every bit of hope you would gleam

I slam the shutter shut so you do nothing but rot!

Lost in the darkness of your own thoughts!

I am your sweet pain

I am your everything

I am the thing you will eventually do

Once you have decided life is no longer for you

I am you, your friends, your family too

I am sin

I am the beautiful thing you can’t comprehend

It is almost time now

Here comes the end

Let the rhythm flow

As you let go

I am how it all ends

I am the one who drove you to these things

Your one and only friend


I am your sweet SUICIDE!

-It Lurks In The Shadows-



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