Entry 42: SinisterStoryTime #2: Mad Love!

Time for another story souls…

Shall we begin?


I present to you a woman, her name is Mary. You see Mary, quite likes to visit the old cemetery. She lost the love of her life, to a man with a knife. Ohh how cold that death felt. The hand fate had dealt. Surely Samuel would be here today if he hadn’t been murdered in such an evil way. You see, surely he had gone out that night to let Megan hear him say, they had to go their separate ways.

Samuel always loved her, he just showed it in an odd way. Ignoring her day by day. As though he never cared about their marriage, or their life. She bore him a child, and yet he seemed to care less, though Mary did not truly believe this to be truth. Surely Samuel still loved her true!

This would not deter Mary in any way, for on this night she brought Samuel flowers to his grave. He was far more of a loss than that slut Megan anyways! If it weren’t for her flirtatious harlotry, he would be with me, she thought to herself. Tonight though it would all be okay, she would get Samuel back anyways.

The plan you ask?

Tonight she would make a deal like no else. A deal that would revive the dead itself! Tonight young Mary would meet a demon who could, bring her lover back to life…for a price.

“Hello?” She chimed.

A dark silence was all she would find. Nothingness in a dark void.


A dark laughter resonated through the cemetery. It was a female voice.

“H-Hello?” Her voice now quivered.

A haunting voice echoed through the cemetery. So dark this voice was, Mary felt it in the deepest depths of her soul.

“Mary…I know what it is you seek. Ask it of me and we can make this deal complete.”

Mary felt uneasy. However she really wanted to be with her love.

“What do I call you?”

There was silence and then a woman with pure black eyes, pale skin, and fiery red hair appeared in a red dress.

“Just call me Bliss, for I am here to make all your dreams come true child.”


“STOP! I already know who you want and what you want, I only need know what you will give in return?”

“Anything…I will give you my soul if that is what you want. I just want to be loved again. I just want my Samuel to be alive once more.”

“You are positive that is what you want?”

“I have never been so sure of something in my life.”

A sinister laughter resonated from the shadows as “Bliss” walked forth and pressed herself to Mary’s lips. With one kiss the deal was made but not all was as Mary wished, for soon the ground opened below and ripped her down into a pit, never to be heard from again.

Samuel lived once more but in a sick twist of fate, he would die again very soon. Clawing, scratching, screaming with all his might, no one would hear his plight! Death would take him slowly this time, suffocating him until his eventual demise.

What happened to Mary you ask?

In what some would call an ironic twist of fate she became the Devils plaything. Mary was actual quite striking, it is a shame she never saw she deserved someone who loved her true, not someone who cast her aside like some dead shrew.

Now she was just a piece of meat, for the Devil and his demons to beat!

She would be loved, again…and again…just not in the way she planned in the beginning.

Love is love though…right?

Goodnight souls and remember, if we learned one thing, love is mad and will make you do crazy things, so think next time before you choose the one you believe loves you! Also, don’t go making deals with demons…it never ends well.

-SinisterStoryTime: #2: Mad Love!-



3 thoughts on “Entry 42: SinisterStoryTime #2: Mad Love!

  1. Love is the fucking epitome of madness.

    (Thank you for all the comments today – I just wanted to spend a little time here… I’ll reply tomorrow when I get the chance!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for commenting. No worries on the comments earlier. I wanted to catch up on some reading…and well, I often find myself on your blog. I start reading and it goes from there. Anyways, I’m rambling.

      Have a great morning.

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s okay! I am so behind on reading… I’m so happy you’re enjoying my blog though!
        And rambling is totally fine. I love your rambling!
        I’m off to bed (stupid 4am again), but I’ll speak to you soon x

        Liked by 1 person

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