Entry 39: Puppet Daniels

Crafting, stringing up, oh what fun

Soon this soul will be my latest piece

Although my collection will never be complete

Another wayward wanderer of Black Winters streets

Now just another puppet in my play

I had to carve some new things into you

Now however, you are better than my best piece

A puppet that truly feels complete

As I hang you from strings and get ready to play

I know today will be a wonderful day!

Wouldn’t you say…Daniels?

-Puppet Daniels-


4 thoughts on “Entry 39: Puppet Daniels

    • At present moment I have no plans to make a book out of it. I kind of just write for the love (and intense need) to do so. It is insatiable and constantly evolving. I don’t know, I kind of like the idea of sharing my writing with the world freely.

      I haven’t really given thought to making a book out of it. I appreciate you taking the time to read though and for your kind words. ^_^

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      • You have a gift for storytelling, I wish I could do that. Your style is so free flowing and really puts the reader into the story. Outstanding!

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  1. That means more than you can know. I quite enjoy storytelling! If my style seems free flowing it is because I free write everything. I hit new post and type the Entry #, then I just write what comes to me. It still connects, although I’ll admit this is much more experimental than anything I have done before.

    There are many things that connect, hidden messages, puzzles waiting to be solved to reveal other things, but as far as the Entries go, I often like to say the stories are being told to me as much as they are to the reader. I just write what hits me in the moment.

    I like your poetry quite a bit though. I find it intriguing. For all the kind words you give me, you should know you are ever bit as crafted in my opinion with your poetry.

    So keep up the great work and you are quite talented yourself.

    Cheers! ^_^


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