Entry 38: Song Of The Succubus

Oh the pleasure I feel

They place themselves inside me

Thinking they have all the power

Never considering that one can wield sexuality

As a weapon

One can use pure bliss to utterly disarm

I feel them inside me

Tasting me

Lusting over my perfect body

It doesn’t matter if they are putting their piece between my legs

Thrusting away till they unload everything


They are making sweet tender love

Anatomically born without these parts

Tasting of my sweet embrace



It is always the same

They need a piece of me

They make promises of love

Though what they give into is lust

It always ends the same

Pure pleasure

Perfect serenity

They worship me in bed

They praise me as their God

They unleash sweet carnal sin

In the end

Sweet release

As they give into their every desire

Sweet release between those sweat soaked sheets

They unload themselves whole

I consume their souls

Piece by piece

Until finally I consume them whole

Everything that was once them

I now own

Mmm…it is so perfect

If you are reading this now

It is too late

I will come to you when the hour is late

In your dreams we will mate

Again and again we will fornicate

You will give up your Gods as you scream out my name

Worshipping my sweet embrace

Eventually I will consume you whole

I will own your soul

-Song Of The Succubus-


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