Entry 37: SinisterStoryTime #1: Under The Blood Moon

Story time souls…

Today’s tale revolves around 3 souls. One might say they weren’t having the best of days. Joe, Megan, and Samuel were their names and tonight only one of them would remain. You see Joe was very fond of Megan, and Megan was very fond of Joe. Samuel was very fond of Megan and Megan secretly had an eye for Samuel. There was one tiny wrinkle in this equation though.

Joe and Megan were married.

Oh dear you might be thinking. This could get ugly, and you would be right. It gets quite ugly. After a long hike in the woods on a lovely October night the 3 decided to stop to look at the blood moon full and high above, in the sky. Joe and Megan were so delighted by this they took in the moment with quite a passionate kiss. Samuel stood alone silently listening to the internal cry of his dying heart inside.

Joe and Megan continued to kiss, alone and away from Samuels silent madness. Staring from afar, he tried to look away but he couldn’t because of the look on Megan’s face. She kissed Joe as though she were in complete bliss. He thought she reserved that for only Samuel and Megan’s blissful and secret trysts. Oh yes, you see, Megan had quite the fun with Samuel before. In fact he could still feel the perfect warmth of her lips and the way her body rocked in bed the night of her and Joe’s wedding.

They had many a passionate night, promising that their love was true, and someday it would be revealed for all the world to see, despite its present secresy. Tonight was going to be the night. Joe, completely enamored by his beautiful wife, the love of his life had made a point to take out a $20,000,000 life insurance policy specifically to be received in the event of an unfortunate tragedy.

Oh, I bet you are thinking I know where this is going to go?  Well please be patient, allow me some more of your time while things get ready to unwind.

In a passionate moment of bliss Megan started to undress. Edging her way ever closer to the cliff, preparing to end her loves life and receive the gift of her true loves death. She moaned as she backed closer, Joe was truly lost, there was no way he could resist, the most amazing taste to ever grace his lips. Their hearts beating she kissed him some more and as she got to the edge of the cliff she looked to where Samuel stood, having secretly followed them on their trip, and she winked at him.

Spinning around, poor Joe standing now at the edge she kissed him one last time and ran her fingers down his chest before smiling, winking at him and stepping forwards, Joe took a step back tripping over a cleverly placed limb and screaming off the cliff, watching his love smile in betrayal as he screamed all the way down…then…


Looking at the cliff below, and the body of her formerly betrothed she blew him a goodbye kiss and prepared to make the haste towards her lovers embrace. Samuel stepped out, and quickly stripped and in that moments passion the two began to fornicate under the blood moon. Their naked bodies feeling pure Ecstacy, knowing soon they would be rich, and in time they would finally be able to be together as they always dreamed, no more secrets, no more smoke screens.

Megans body felt so perfect and soon the two lost track of time, eventually passing out naked on that cliff, unaware of the twist that was about to unravel their night of passionate bliss. Soon the two awoke, unsure of what time it was. Groggy they walked to where they had parked two bikes in advance of the trip, back when they were planning their murderous romance. They made their way to where the bikes would be only to find a problem had arisen since then.

You see someone had slashed the tires on the bike  and any hopes of their getaway plan. Something was wrong, what kind of messed up piece of shit did this?! Megan thought anger rising within her throat.

Here is where things get really interesting.

Heading back to the scene of the crime Megan and Samuel began to collect the rest of their things, but they would not realize something was missing from this tragic scene, something important to their money making schemes.

That something was Joe, who far down below, survived his fall by some miraculous twist of fate. All through the night he waited and listened as the passionate moans cried through the woods high above, the woman he thought was his one true love, being fucked like a common whore by the man he thought his best friend. A sinister darkness began to twist inside the mans heart. Somewhat injured but overall okay he stood up and began to head the long way back around and high above. Soon enough coming upon the bikes he ignored before.

Surely they were in place for that rotten BITCH’S escape!

He slashed the tires and soon hid knife in hand, not far from where Megan and Samuel would stand after discovering their plan was not going to go as easily as it was supposed to happen. Once they went back to collect their things Joe stalked them. Now he waited with glee, watching as they discussed what they would do to counteract their current snafu! It was here he decided his plan.

You see Joe was blessed with an interesting gift, a hobby in which he often did. He would throw knives for fun, seeing how far he could be and still hit a target perfectly. Bullseye he thought! That is how his plan would start. For Megan though, he had another plan entirely. Yes, her death would be something more twisted.

Megan and Samuel currently got ready to hike, completely unaware that true horror awaited, just beyond their sight on this blood soaked night. So it was they shared a kiss and then came the knife, flying faster seemingly than light (though this was obviously not the case) into one end of Samuels head it went, a kiss interrupted by pure, delightfully bloody revenge. The knife stuck straight through one end and out the other as blood flew.

Megan screamed in horror! Confused, because she never knew or had seen Joe’s unique quality. She did not know who lurked just out of view, to her Joe was still dead, and she was being attacked by some psychopathic madman! It was no one she knew, although maybe this could work too. If she used this, and could escape, perhaps it would make the story of her tragic honey moon all the more real, all the more convincing to the rest of the world. Surely she would have the money now, if only she could just survive, this madman’s appetite, his wish, to see her dead.

A million thoughts ran through her head as she ran towards the tent, looking for the gun she had kept hidden just in case, she had to be more bloody in her murder of Joe, that poor fool far down below…or so she thought. It was too late though for that. As they slept Joe had already crept into the camp, taking any advantage Megan could possibly have. Megan scrambled and searched, unaware that just behind her stood, her death waiting, smiling, so twisted he was.

Megan had changed Joe, he would no longer be himself. From this point on, he would be someone else. In an instant his soul was shattered, in moments it was replaced, by a twisted darkness that would dwell within. Unable to find her gun she searched for the axe. Unfortunately for her it was what would be used in the climax, of the tale of this dark night.

Soon she felt a tap, and it was then she knew, just who was about to murder her. She knew the touch of those fingers, she knew it was too late. Slowly she turned and stepped out of the tent as Joe held and axe to her throat. Arms outstretched she waited, looking for any advantage she could find, although none were there to be found. Joe motioned for her to drop to her knees and she did, tears streaming down her face.

Joe felt no remorse as she stared into his eyes, and soon he did it. Slowly he ran the axe down her perfect skin cutting here and there, until finally the madness within took over his now twisted heart and began the bloody and disturbed surgery of his former loves body.

HACKING AND THWACKING! Piece by piece he separated the once lovely soul, until he felt the pieces left poetically showed exactly who she was within. The irony was not lost on Joe. Soon, he would bury what was left of Megan all around the woods. Next he would dispose of Samuel. Then he would head home. There would be questions but ultimately he felt he would get away with what he had done, although it did not make a difference to him, he was already dead within.

Thank you for your time, for listening to this tale of twisted and passionate crime. If you have any questions, or comments feel free to speak. I’m always happy to talk to the living. Until next time souls, this has been fun and remember if you take anything from this story it may be you never know who it is with whom you sleep so when sharing your life with someone, always be careful of the company you keep.

-SinisterStoryTime: #1- Under The Blood Moon-


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